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Pokemon Blazing Red is a remake of Pokemon FireRed by Tetra. This game is available for the Game Boy Advance. It features Ash Ketchum, an aspiring Pokemon Trainer, as he continues his journey to become the greatest Pokemon Master of all time.

Blazing Red takes place in the Johto region, which consists of forested areas, mountain ranges, and cities. Players control Ash as he encounters many different types of Pokémon, such as bug- and rock-type Pokémon, water-type Pokémon, and grass-type Pokémon. They battle other wild Pokémon in order to gain experience points and level up their Pokemon.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blazing Red GBA

Pokemon Blazing Red is a FireRed hack of Tetra on PokeCommunity. It features Ash Ketchum, an aspiring Pokemon Trainer, as he continues his journey to become the greatest Pokemon Master. The game takes place in the Johto region, which consists of forested areas, mountain ranges, and cities. You play as red and travel to various regions of Johto, such as Viridian Forest, the Cinnabar Volcano region, and Olivine City. Also, try Pokemon Dreary 

The game offers enhanced features such as new pokemon and environments to explore. Some of the pokemon found in the game include Skitty, Glameow, Purugly, Pansage, Smeargle, Corsola, Panpour, and more. As red travels through Johto and earns badges from many different regions and cities, he can improve his pokemon team with better pokemon and abilities.Screenshot_3 Pokemon Blazing Red


Pokemon Blazing Red is a remake of the original Fire Red version, developed by Tetra and released for the Game Boy Advance platform. The game is played in English and features a variety of different Pokemon to catch.

Pokemon Fire Red Version (GBA) is an authentic version of the game, being sold at a cheaper price than its original counterpart. The game is compatible with other GBA games, allowing players to trade Pokemon between different versions without any issues. With its great gameplay, graphics, and storyline, Pokemon Blazing Red is a must-have for all RPG fanatics! Also, try Digimon World DS ROM

6 different Pokemon to encounter

Pokemon Blaze red GBA is a FireRed hack by Tetra that includes various new Pokemon. It features the standard roster of characters and Pokemon from the Kanto region, as well as the Hoenn region. The game also includes Red, a trainer in the game, and his party which typically consists of Pokemon between level 90 and 100.

Players will battle with Red while using his team of powerful Pokemon. Notable Pokémon to encounter in the game include Victiniegg, Macho Brace, TM 49 Apocalypse, Master Ball, and Inverse Gizmo. The game also includes challenging quests and gym battles to keep players entertained throughout their journey. Overall, Pokemon Blaze red GBA is a great hack for anyone looking for an engaging adventure in the world of pokemon.

11 different locations to explore

The game features 11 different locations to explore, including the Kanto region, home to the original 151 Pokemon. You can also visit the Hoenn region, home to various new Pokemon. The Sevii Islands, located in the Johto region, are home to Pokemon of all three regions. Also, try Pokemon Eternal Snow

In addition to these regions and islands, the game provides various secret items and locations to uncover. Some of these locations include caves, forests, and towers where you can find hidden items. Overall, this game offers a great deal of variety and complexity for both novice and veteran players.

Become a Trainer

It features a new storyline and numerous improvements over its predecessor. In Pokemon Blaze Red GBA, players take on the role of a trainer who sets off on an adventure to become a champion. They must battle Gym Leaders and defeat the Elite Four to become a champion.

Players must battle Team Rocket and rescue Pokemon from their captivity in order to restore the Ruby and Sapphire elements in the master computer at One Island. Once they have done this, they must defeat Red in the deepest part of Meteor Falls to receive rewards such as a Victiniegg and TM 49 Apocalypse.

Pokemon Blaze Red GBA offers players plenty of replay value with its challenging gameplay and unique story. It also features trade capabilities with Pokemon games from other titles in the Pokemon series, allowing players to obtain rare species. Overall, Pokemon Blaze Red GBA is a great game for any pokemon fan looking for more adventure and engaging storylines.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Blazing Red


Pokemon Blazing Red GBA features a day/night cycle that changes the game’s environment and influences various events. During the day, players can explore the Kanto region, find items, and battle wild Pokemon. At night, players can find rare items and battle more powerful Pokemon.

The day/night cycle also affects the player’s progress in the game, as some progress can only be made during certain times of the day. This allows for a more engaging gameplay experience as players are forced to manage their time and plan their activities carefully in order to succeed. Overall, Pokemon Blazing Red GBA offers a captivating and engaging gameplay experience that makes it a must-have for any fans of the popular pokemon franchise. Also, try Pokemon Adventure Yellow Chapter

Customize character

The game allows for character customization and has several features, such as a modified Team Rocket with a new base in the Sevii Islands. It also features a Pokemon Day Care in Four Island where players can care for their Pokemon and breed them. There is also a man in Cerulean City who can help create Berry Powder via Berry Crush. Overall, Pokemon Blazing Red is an awesome game that offers countless hours of gameplay and fun.

Gym Leaders

The Gym Leaders are the trainers who give the players their first Gym Badges in Pokemon Blazing Red GBA. They are encountered at a Gym when the player wants to take on the challenge of becoming a champion. The Elite Four must be defeated by the players in order to enter the Pokemon League.

Team Rocket is another organized crime organization that must be defeated in order to reach Giovanni, their leader. The gym leader background music is used for all four members of the elite four in Pokemon Blazing Red GGA. Overall, Pokemon Blazing Red GBA offers an engaging story, challenging gameplay, and memorable gym leaders and pokemon trainers to help you on your journey of becoming a champion.

Unique and Complex Puzzles

Featuring new pokemon that add to the complexity of the puzzles. The game also contains pokemon from the Hoenn region, which makes it exciting to see how they will be used in solving the various puzzles. In addition to new pokemon, some items from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are featured in the game, adding an extra layer of nostalgia for fans of those games. Overall, Pokemon BlazeRed GBA is a must-have for fans of puzzle games. Also, try Digimon New World

You can visit a small part of Hoenn Region

The region consists of multiple cities, towns, and villages, each with its own unique look and feel. Besides exploring the area, players can also catch new pokemon, some of which are located in the Hoenn region. The pokemon found in Hoenn region include the fire-type pokemon Torchic and Combusken, as well as ice-type pokemon Cryogonal and Piloswine. Elite Four in Pokemon Blazing red have reached levels 80–100 and all have unique battle skills. Overall, Pokemon Blazing Red is a remake of FireRed with some new features that add to the overall game experience.

Gym Leaders are stronger now

In Pokemon Blaze Red and Blue, Gym Leaders have been made stronger than usual to provide more challenging gameplay levels. Gym Badges can now be earned by defeating the Gym Leaders in the Pokemon League. Team Rocket has an expanded role in the post-game storyline, with players needing to foil their attempts while recovering the Ruby and Sapphire elements.

A new range of items like Magmarizer are added to evolve Magmortar and provide unique battles. Additionally, players can trade with Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, X, and Colosseum to collect rare Pokemon species. These features make for a deep and engaging post-game experience that will keep players coming back for more.

Elite Four have reached lv 80-100

The Elite Four in Pokemon Blazing Red GBA have reached the lv 80-100 mark, allowing players to complete their journey against the evil Team Rocket organization. The game is a hack of the original Pokemon fire red released for the Game Boy Advance Gba.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Blazing Red

Players can trade pokemon from other versions to pokemon blazing red gba, such as pokemon ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Bite, Sand-Attack, Karate Chop, and Gust have all been modified to fit with the fire red battle mechanics. Additionally, breed Pokemon in the pokemon day care in Four Island to obtain rare or unique pokemon. This game is a must-play for fans of fire red and the pokemon series!

Obtain all 386 Pokemon

It features the original 386 Pokemon from the original game, as well as new Mega Evolutions. In addition to this, it also includes new story and character development. The best part about this game is that it allows players to play the redone version of Fire Red. This version has been updated with improved graphics, more pokemon, and even a few additional quests. It is definitely one of the best Pokemon games out there!


Pokémon GBA games are really fun to play and they’re also a great way to get introduced to the world of Pokemon. The Pokémon games have been around for some time now, and they continue to improve with each title that comes out. Pokémon Blazing Red has been a fan favorite game, and it’s easy to see why. It offers a simple yet engaging gameplay experience that is perfect for both adults and children.

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