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The world of pokemon hoenn is back! Pokemon Hoenn White 2 is the sequel to the game hoenn white which was released in 2015. In the game, players will experience the journey of white as he/ she begins their journey as a trainer and finishes it as the champion of the game. In the game, players will experience new pokemon and new regions. The game covers the story of white and black in hoenn region. The game was released on ds in june 2018.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about the features of pokemon hoenn white 2 nds rom for ds. Read about its download and features to get a better idea about it.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Hoenn White 2 NDS Rom

If you’re a fan of the Pokemon games, you may be aware of the popular hack called Pokemon Hoenn White 2 NDS rom. KingDrapion is the developer of this hack, and it was last updated in 2019. The hack is available to download and can be found by searching for Pokemon Hoenn White 2 on various online platforms such as Reddit and Fanboy. Also, try Pokemon Hoenn White

In this game, you’ll travel around the region of Hoenn and battle numerous Pokemon for experience, items, and more. However, there are many features included in the hack that make it unique compared to other pokemon games.


The game Pokemon Hoenn White 2 is now available for download on various gaming devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. The game is developed by the same team responsible for the original Pokemon Hoenn region games, and it chronicles the adventures of a new protagonist in the region and his or her friends. As in the original, players can collect and battle with hundreds of unique Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Cursed Black ROM

The version of Pokemon Hoenn White 2 available on gaming devices features several gameplay improvements over the original version. Players can download and play the complete version of the game without any issues. Additionally, they can get help from the game’s developer if needed. The creator of the hack has also launched a support page for players to share comments and feedback about the game.

In addition to all that, players can also download and play Pokemon Hoenn White 2 without paying anything extra. Overall, this hack offers all the content present in the original games at a fraction of the price.

New Pokemon

Pokemon Hoenn White 2 is a remake of the original Pokemon White 2 game with a new storyline. The game takes place 5 years after the events of the original version and features new characters like Brendan as the gym leader of Aspertia City and May as an assistant to Professor Juniper.

The new features in Pokemon Hoenn White 2 make it an engaging alternative to the original Pokemon White 2 and allow players to experience a new story and take on new challenges. Whether you’re playing for the first time or reliving nostalgic memories of your old adventure, Pokemon Hoenn White 2 has something for everyone. Also, try Pokemon Indian Ruby

Elite Four

In Pokemon Hoenn White 2, players can battle and challenge the Elite Four in Accumula Town. They can also challenge the Champion Alder in Route 2 (Spring). There are many other locations and routes that players must go through before they can reach the Elite Four in Unova.

These include Lentimas Town, Route 19 (Spring) and Route 2 (Winter). Team Aqua and Team Magma are also featured in the game and have an impact on the journey to the Elite Four. Players can collect over 700 different pokemon and 150 of them are new to the game. This makes for a rewarding adventure filled with unique challenges and powerful rewards. Also, try Pokemon Stone Dragon 2

Battle Frontier

Pokemon Hoenn White 2 features a Battle Frontier, where players can challenge various trainers and participate in battles. The Battle Frontier consists of several gyms and NPCs, such as the Elite Four, Champion Alder, and the Pokemon League. Players can battle in the Battle Frontier in the Unova region, and can collect more than 700 Pokemon, including 150 new ones.

The Battle Frontier also features locations such as Accumula Town, Humilau City, Nimbasa City Gym, Route 19, Lentimas Town, and Driftveil City Gym. This region allows players to battle and train their team to perfection before taking on the elite trainers of the region’s gym leaders.

Exploiting Pokémon

In Pokemon Hoenn White 2, the players explore a new storyline set five years after the original version of the game in Pokemon Hoenn. The storyline follows a young trainer on a journey to find May and get a starting pokemon. The hack enables players to download the game and start playing immediately. To access the hack, players must enter the password “gret174” from the website pastehere.info/startwith. The hack website also provides tools for advanced customization of gameplay, such as changing the stats or abilities of any pokemon in the game. Also, try Pokemon Stone Dragon 

The hack in Pokemon Hoenn White 2 allows players to enjoy all of the fun and excitement of this popular mobile game without worrying about spending money on extra resources or items. However, if players want more options or features they must purchase additional in-game currency or items. Overall, pokemon hoenn white 2 hack is an effective way for gamers to experience this engaging mobile game conveniently and efficiently with no cost involved.

Fairy type

Fairy type Pokemon are one of the more unique types in the Pokemon game. They have various characteristics that make them distinct from other types. For starters, Fairy type Pokemon are usually weak to their own type.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Hoenn White 2

This means that if a player wants to use a Fairy type Pokemon against another trainer, they will need to prepare it with moves that take advantage of the type weakness. Additionally, Team Aqua and Team Magma both have access to Fairy type Pokemon, which means players will have a variety of options to choose from. They can also acquire Fairy type Pokemon through various sources such as trading and battling wild Pokemon. Overall, fairy type Pokemon are unique and offer a unique gameplay experience.

Mega permanent evolution

The new permanent evolution feature in Pokemon Hoenn White 2 allows certain Pokemon to skip the level-up process and evolve directly to the next stage of their evolution tree. This feature can be used to evolve certain Pokemon at any level with the use of a special item. In addition, the game includes a “Day Care” location where players can breed Eggs to create baby Pokemon that will evolve at later levels. Also, try Touhoumon Another World

The storyline of the game centers around Team Aqua and Team Magma, which play a central role in the Unova region’s history. Both teams are engaged in an ongoing struggle for control over the region’s natural resources, and as the player progress through the game they will encounter multiple characters from the region’s past.

Become a Trainer

If you’re a Pokemon fan, then you will surely love playing Pokemon Hoenn White 2. This ROM hack of Pokemon White 2 offers players the opportunity to become a Pokemon Trainer and embark on a journey to find a starting Pokemon. In the game, players can challenge the Hoenn Gym Leaders, who are much harder than the Unova Leaders.

There are also other famous trainers that players can battle and train with, such as the Elite Four from the original version of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The game has an all-new storyline set five years after the events of the original version and features many new characters and locations. If you enjoy pokemon games and want to experience something new and exciting, then download Pokemon Hoenn White 2 today!


In Pokemon Hoenn White 2, the day/night cycle plays a significant role in the game. The day/night cycle changes the type of Pokemon that can be encountered, as well as the stats they may have during certain times of the day. Also, try Pokemon Altair & Sirius

The night-time hours also feature increased stats and the emergence of rarer Pokemon. One other notable aspect of the day/night cycle is that it affects the availability of certain NPCs. Players can also customize their characters by choosing the time of day they want to start the game. Overall, Pokemon Hoenn White 2 offers an engaging and diverse experience for players who love pokemon and pokemon games.

Customize character

Pokemon Hoenn White 2 is a full version of the game with a custom character creator. Players can create their own trainer and Pokemon with a variety of customization options. The game also features a completely new storyline set in 5 years after the original version.

In Pokemon Hoenn White 2, players start a new challenging adventure with a custom character. The hack created by KingDrapion allows players to customize their trainer and Pokemon. With this hack, players can make their character look and act as they want it to be. Whether you play the original version of Pokemon or download the hacked version, there is plenty of room for customization.

Gym Leaders

Aspertia City features gym leaders Brendan and May. These gym leaders can be battled in Pokemon Hoenn White 2. Iris and Bianca, who also serve as gym leaders in the game, can be fought as well. Players can battle every gym leader and champion from the core series games in the Pokemon World Tournament.

Team Aqua and Team Magma are also featured in the game, as stated above. Mega Latios and Latias can be ridden in the game, as noted above. This game has a lot of exciting features for fans of the Pokemon franchise..


Pokemon Hoenn White 2 is a custom rom hack for the Nintendo DS platform. It is a sequel to the Pokemon R/S/E games and was released in Japan on 18 September 2010, in Europe on 4 March 2011, in North America on 6 March 2011, and in Australia on 10 March 2011. It is developed by Kingdrapion and has been out for several years now. Also, try Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS 

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Hoenn White 2 Screenshot_3 Pokemon Hoenn White 2

The game has over 200 Pokémon to catch and train, as well as various features and enhancements compared to the original games. Mirrors are available for download if the original version is not working properly. However, it is advisable to download the correct version as per region.


The game is set to be released in the near future. Download the game now and join the white-exclusive team of trainers as you attempt to become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time. With the help of your favorite pokemon, you can defeat the game’s gym leaders and champions and become the new region’s pokemon champ.

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