How To Evolve Magneton In Pokemon GO – The Ultimate Guide

Have you been wanting to evolve your Magneton but can’t seem to do it? We’re here to tell you how it’s done.

Well, if yes, good news! We’ve got all the details for you in this blog. From understanding how to evolve Magneton in Pokemon GO and using its magnetic property, to getting a Magnetic Lure Module and evolving it into Magnezone.

If you’re looking to evolve your Magneton in Pokemon GO, then you’re in luck! All you need to do is collect 100 Magnemite candies, which can be obtained by catching multiple Magnemite or by transferring duplicates to Professor Willow. Once you have the required number of candies, simply open your Pokemon list and select the Magneton you want to evolve.

Tap the Evolve button, and voila! Your Magneton will transform into Magnezone, a powerful Electric/Steel-type Pokemon. It’s important to note that its evolution will also change its moveset and stats, so make sure to check out the new moves before evolving it. With some patience and dedication, you’ll soon have your very own Magnezone ready to battle in no time!

How to get Magneton in Pokemon GO

If you’re hoping to evolve your Magneton in Pokemon GO, you’ll first need to collect 400 Magikarp. Once you have enough Magikarp, head to a Pokemon trainer in Viridian City and ask them how to fish for Magneton. After that, head back out into the wild and catch as many Magneton as possible using Ultra Balls. You can use these specially-designed balls to capture magnetized Pokemon easier. Also, How to Get All Sprigatito Evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Once you have enough magnetized Pokemon, they will evolve into Magnezone. However, be sure to stock up on Ultra Balls before it’s too late as they will be crucial in evolving your Magnezone. If you’re having difficulty catching magnetized Pokemon, try using some of the latest Pokestops and Gyms in your area.

What are Magneton and Magnezone?

-Magneton and Magnezone are two powerful Pokemon in the game.

-They are Steel-type Pokemon, and are similar to Steel types in the game.

-What you need to evolve Magneton or Magnezone is a lot of experience points. To get them, you need to capture 50% of the total amount of experience points required for their respective evolved forms.

-You can find Magneton or Magnezone in various places around the world, including in nature, inside caves, and at water sources. Once you have caught a magneton or magnezone, try to keep it in your team as it will help you beat stronger opponents in the game.

Best moveset for Magneton

In Pokemon GO, magneton is a powerful and versatile pokemon. It can play a vital role in your team, due to its varied skillset.

One of magneton’s best moves is Thunder Shock, which can immobilize your opponents. This move can be used to easily catch magneton, but you must use it wisely.

Another great move for magneton is Supersonic. This move allows magneton to keep opponents at bay with ease. Besides, using this move also helps magneton gain the upper hand in battle easily.

How To Evolve Magneton In Pokemon GO - The Ultimate Guide

The final move you should consider using magneton with is Magnet Rise. This move lets magneton grab hold of metal objects and throw them at opponents easily. Thus, it’s a good way to damage opponents and demoralize them instantly.

Finally, you should also consider using magnetic Flux on mega magnezone in raids and fights against steel-type pokemon. This move creates a magnetic field that damages enemies quickly and efficiently. Also, try What level does Fidough evolve in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?


As a powerful pokemon, Magneton has several moves that can be used to inflict damage on your opponents. However, to maximize its potential, you must use the best moveset for Magneton. This guide will teach you how to evolve Magneton and customize its moveset to suit your playing style. Once you have mastered Magneton’s moveset, you’ll be able to take on any opponent in Pokemon GO with ease. By using the right moves and evolving Magneton to its strongest form, you can ensure a victory every time you battle in the game.


It’s vital to choose a well-rounded moveset for Magneton that covers all of its strengths and weaknesses. A good starting point would be attacking and defending with Steel, Fire, and Electric attacks. In addition to this, it is also important to invest in items that can boost Magneton’s defenses and make it as tough as possible against your opponents. For instance, Magnezoneite allows you to use magnetic attacks without having to sacrifice its special attack stats. Additionally, it has the ability Levitate which reduces the damage done by Ground-type moves. Other options include Choice Scarf and Life Orb, which provide different attacking and defensive capabilities. It all depends on what fits your playstyle best; whether it be special or physical attacks or items. Also, How to Evolve Sneasel Into Weavile in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

How to get a Magnetic Lure Module?

To get a Magnetic Lure Module in Pokemon GO, you’ll need to tap on the item in your inventory and then select “Use.” From here, you can use a magnetic lure module to catch Magneton in the wild. You can get magnetic lure modules from various in-game sources, including loot boxes and trading. Once you have a magnetic lure module, use it to attract Magneton to your location. Once Magneton is close enough, use your capture net to capture it. After capturing Magneton with a magnetic lure module, use a magnetically-resistant Razz Berry on it to evolve it into Magnezone. magnezone is the final evolution of Magneton and can only be found during special magnetite weather events. By using a magnetic lure module and magnetically-resistant razz berry, you can evolve your magneton into magnezone and capture it in Pokemon GO!

How to use Magneton candy to evolve your Magneton

If you want to evolve your Magneton into Magnezone, you’ll have to collect 1000 Magneton candy. You can do this by catching magneton in the wild and feeding it its favorite food, rare candies. This will help it level up and become stronger. You can also use an incense burner to attract rare pokemon to your location. By doing this, magneton will become excited and evolve into magnezone. Lastly, you can trade magneton with other players to get the rarest pokemon possible. If you’re willing to put in the effort, magnezone is a viable option for any magnetic pokemon fan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are magneton important in Pokemon GO?

Yes, magneton are very important in Pokemon GO as they are used to evolve certain Pokemon. For instance, Magnezone and Eelektross can be evolved using magneton. Furthermore, magneton can be found in some rare PokeStops, which will help you level up faster.

What is the best way to evolve magneton in Pokemon GO?

The best way to evolve magneton in Pokemon GO is to get a lucky egg. Lucky eggs are items that can be obtained by visiting a specific location and playing a certain amount of games. Once you have obtained a lucky egg, you can use it to evolve your magneton. Note that you will need to have the appropriate evolutionary items in your inventory in order to use the lucky egg.

What are some tips for finding and catching magneton in Pokemon GO?

Finding and catching magneton in Pokemon GO can be difficult, but with a bit of patience and some helpful advice, you’ll be on your way to capturing them all! Here are a few tips:

– Magneton are known for their strong magnetic field, so look for areas with lots of iron ore. This will help you find them easier.

– When you encounter a magneton, use a magnet to catch it in your pokemon GO Pokéball.

– Be patient – magneton are known for being difficult to catch. Don’t give up on them too early!

What are the best evolve options for Magneton in Pokemon GO?

Magnezone can evolve into Magneton using the Magnetonite item.

Magnemite can evolve into Magneton using the Magnetonite item or Magnezone.

Machamp evolutionary line can also evolve into Magneton with the help of the Metal Coat item.


There you go! From a simple-looking electric Pokemon, your Magnezone evolves into a powerful magnetic Pokemon that can pull metal objects toward it to damage opponents. Well done for evolving your magnetic friend and good luck in catching more metal-hungry Pokemon. Go ahead and try out this lure module for a quick boost. If you’re looking for more guides, reviews, and suggestions related to the game, go ahead and check out our blog here.

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