Pokemon Prestigious Platinum NDS (Updated)

If you’re wondering what the hype is about, wonder no more. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Pokemon Prestigious Platinum, from features to ways of playing it. Yes, we’re talking about a game that’s been out for a while and is still played by many people today.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the game, let’s take a look at what all the hype is about.

Complete Walk through of Pokemon Prestigious Platinum

Pokémon Prestigious Platinum is a hack game created by Suicune. It is available in English and Italian and is much more difficult than other games in the series. Players of Pokemon Prestigious Platinum can find helpful resources in the form of a FAQ/Walkthrough and Legendary Guide, both of which were submitted by Sui89 and Drayano respectively. These resources provide detailed instructions on how to complete each stage of the game and answer common questions players may have. Also, try the Pokemon Fusion 3

In Pokémon Prestigious Platinum, players can obtain all obtainable Pokemon without using any cheats. The game features a story that follows the journey of Ash Ketchum as he attempts to become the Unown Master. It also includes various other elements, such as exploration, battles, and collecting items. As with other Pokémon games, players can collect different types of Pokemon and evolve them over the course of their adventure.

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Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a hack of the Pokemon platinum game for Nintendo DS. It was created by unknown hackers, and features all of the available Pokemon without the use of cheats.

The game is available for pre-patched download on various website platforms, including Nuzlocker, which provides documentation about the game alongside the rom. The hack has increased difficulty, with all trainers, gym leaders and recruits modified. This ensures that players must have a strong grasp of the mechanics in order to successfully complete the game.

The hack also features increased level caps, making it more difficult to reach newer and more powerful levels. In addition to this, many pokemon have been altered in terms of abilities and movesets. The hack includes a variety of unique Challenges as well, making it a fun and interactive experience for fans of the series. Also, try Pokemon Fire Red Definitive Edition

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Many characters have their own mugshots

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a game that allows players to customize their character with their own mugshots. The game has several features that enable players to experience the game from a unique perspective. Superficially, PPP looks like any other role-playing game, but it has its own unique set of features and content.

One such feature is the National Pokedex, which allows players to view and collect data for every pokemon in the region. In addition, the game has a variety of quest lines and side quests that allow you to explore more about the world of Pokemon. Additionally, players can use the FAQs section of PPP to learn more about daily events and points of interest in the region. Overall, PPP offers players a unique gaming experience that no other game can offer.

Three new types: Cosmic, Digital, Fairy

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a hack game created by Drayano and featuring the ability to obtain all 493 Pokemon. The game includes the three new types of Cosmic, Digital, and Fairy. In addition to this, Renegade Platinum is another hack game that has a speed patch and increased difficulty. This game is created by Drayano and can be downloaded from various online sources.

Additionally, a Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough and Legendary Guide are available on the official website of Drayano. Overall, Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a great game for those who love Pokemon and want to experience a challenging and unique experience. Also, try Pokemon Fire Red Reborn

Graphics and Sound

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a GBA-hack of the original Pokemon platinum game with additional features. The game includes all the Pokemon, allowing players to complete the Pokedex without relying on cheats. It also allows players to complete the Pokedex without completing the main story line; this makes it an ideal choice for players who want to experience all of the game’s content without becoming too attached to one particular character. In addition to this, the game includes downloadable documents and access to online resources, making it easy for players to stay up-to-date with the latest pokemon news and stay competitive in battle.

Obtaining bonuses and rewards

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum (PPL) is an android, iOS, and windows mobile game that allows players to explore the world of Pokemon. PPL has many features that make it a unique and engaging experience. One of the best features of PPL is the ability to complete the Pokedex without using any cheats or mods. This makes the game challenging and interesting for both casual and advanced players.

Another great feature of PPL is the bonus items you can earn by completing daily events and exploring points of interest in the game. When playing PPL, you will receive rewards by beating trainers, gym leaders, and recruit pokémon from around the world. These rewards can range from coins to rare pokemon. Overall, PPL has a variety of features that make it a great choice for any Pokemon fan!

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Available in-game features

Pokemon Platinum is a game that allows players to reobtain TMs and access Move Tutors in-game. Players can also enjoy daily events and points of interest to explore. Additionally, a downloadable version of Pokemon Platinum is available for players who prefer to play the game offline. The downloadable version enables players to save their progress, access the Walkthrough, and consult FAQs without internet connection. However, the main game must be played online.  It’s possible to save your progress and access the FAQs offline by downloading the game. Also, try Pokemon Bloody Diamond NDS Download

Battle Frontier

The Pokemon Platinum Battle Frontier feature is accessible after defeating the Elite Four, enabling players to battle various trainers and complete special quests. The feature is a great way to gain new pokemon and level up your team. Trainers can also obtain the chandelier furniture in the extra villa by walking a total of 300,000 steps.

This will allow you to fully decorate your room with different types of furniture. If you have hatched 30 eggs from the extra villa, you will be able to obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier. This print will unlock pokemon bust #1 in your collection. By defeating 50 trainers in the trainer cafe, you can unlock the guest set furniture inside your extra villa.

The Kalos region

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a fan-made game set in the Kalos region. It features all 493 Pokemon, including the legendary Pokemon Giratina, which can be accessed through major events in the game. The increased difficulty level and rebalanced stats of certain Pokemon compared to Pokemon Platinum make it more challenging than other games in the series. In addition to this, players can explore the Sinnoh region and complete the Pokedex, with some pre-determined legendaries appearing randomly at higher levels.

The storyline of Pokemon Prestigious Platinum involves Team Galactic and their attempts to control the legendary Pokemon Giratina. As such, it offers a deeper and more engaging gameplay experience than most other games in the series. Overall, Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a popular and engaging game that fans of the series will love playing.

The Elite Four

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a hack of the popular Pokemon game series, available on several platforms. In this hack, players must face the Elite Four after completing all eight gyms. The Elite Four are highly experienced trainers and use varied types of Pokemon in battle. They’re known for their challenging levels which require players to prepare carefully before taking them on. As a result, Pokemon Prestigent Platinum has been praised for its challenge and often referred to as a true platinum journey for fans of the series.

Prestigious Platinum is considered one of the most difficult Pokemon games, thanks to its high level of challenge and unique story line. It’s meant to be played at a pace that allows players to fully explore the game without rushing through it. This can take some time, so it’s recommended that you begin with a save file from an earlier version of the game if you’re new to the series. Overall, Pokemon Prestigious platinum is a great hack for fans who enjoy a challenging game with unique narrative elements.

Pokemon Gyms

Pokemon Prestigious Platinum for Nintendo DS features reobtainable TMs and Move Tutors that can be used to teach Pokemon moves from other games in the series. Besides battle gameplay, the game also offers additional activities such as breeding Pokemon and transferring them to the portable game. All pokemon can be obtained in the game, allowing players to complete their Pokedex without using any external tools. Additional downloadable documents are available with the download of the ROM. Overall, Pokemon Prestigious Platinum is a great choice for any pokemon fans looking for a challenging and engaging game to play on their portable device.

Pokemon Trade & Battle

The Pokemon Prestigious Platinum NDSthe game offers the Pokemon Trade and Battle feature, allowing players to trade and battle Pokemon with other players. The game also features a Battle Frontier, a series of seven Battle Facilities located around the Sinnoh region. These Battle Facilities offer several different types of battles, from single-player battles against AI opponents to intense 2-on-2 battles.

Players can battle against AI or other players to earn points, which can be used to purchase rare items in the game. The game also features a variety of reobtainable TMs and move tutors to help players customize their Pokemon’s movesets. With the ability to trade and battle Pokemon with others, as well as a variety of challenging battles and optional stats to improve your battling prowess, the Pokemon Prestigious Platinum NDS is a must-have for any serious fans of the franchise [H3]


Pokemon Platinum is a must-play for any Pokemon fan. With the plethora of extras and features it offers, it’s no wonder that this game has been a favorite for many.

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