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Pokemon Shining Victory is an action-packed adventure set in the world of Pokemon by Deepak. A remake of Pokemon FireRed, where players take on the role of a young teenager who sets out on a journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer. Along the way, they will encounter many different species of creatures and must use their unique abilities to defeat powerful enemies and discover new areas.

The game features a number of different mechanics that help make it fun for players of all levels. For example, players can train their own Pokémon by battle and leveling them up to become stronger.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Shining Victory ROM

Pokemon Shining Victory is a GBA Rom Hack based on the Pokemon Fire Red game created by Deepak Maneshswar and Percy Gekkounga. The game is playable on the GBA platform and was recreated from the original version by the creators. The game was released on July 23rd, 2012, and was created as a remake of the Pokemon Emerald game. Also, try Pokemon Destiny GBA

It features different gameplay elements such as exploration, battle, items, and evolution. In addition to this, the developers added cheats that can be accessed by clicking the link provided in the result screen. These cheats include infinite supplies of items or the ability to skip difficult portions of the game. Overall, it is a great game for fans of Pokemon Emerald.

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Mega Evolution

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA includes a Mega Evolution feature that allows the player to evolve their Pokemon using special stones. The game also includes Z-moves and Primal Reversion features that allow the player to experience physical/special split and an increased shiny chance.

New graphics and animations have been added to the game, making it more enjoyable to play. On top of all this, the game also allows players to battle two legendary Pokemon and explore new evolution stones and systems. These features make Pokemon Victory Fire GBA a great choice for any Pokemon fan looking for a new adventure in the world of Pokemmon.


Z-Moves are powerful attacks in Pokemon Victory Fire GBA. Z-Moves are special moves that replace the traditional four move options in battle. These special moves can be only used against certain types of Pokemon. Z-Moves are especially effective against certain types of Pokemon, such as Ground, Rock, and Steel. Also, try Pokemon Flame Red 

Z-Moves are limited to certain versions of the game, such as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. In the case of Pokemon Fire Red Version and Pokemon Emerald Version, only certain versions of these games support Z-Moves. This means that you will have to choose which version of the game to play based on whether or not you want to use this type of attack in battle.

Primal Reversion

Primal Reversion is a feature in the upcoming Pokemon Victory Fire game. According to the official blog, Primal Reversion allows players to transform their Pokemon into powerful forms. In Pokemon Victory Fire, there are over 1,000 different possible forms that can be evolved or trained, each with its own unique abilities and type matchup possibilities.

The type matchups of a pokemon’s forms can make all the difference in battle. For instance, certain types are super effective against others. It’s up to the player to choose the right type matchup for their team. Overall, the type matchups of a pokemon’s forms play an important role in battle and directly affect the effectiveness of their attacks.

All Pokemon from gen 1 to 7

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA is a game that allows gamers to play all the different Pokemon from the first generation to the seventh generation. The game provides gamers with the option of playing as the original Pokemon or their Alolan, Galarian, Heron, Thonsu, Pikachu, and Halloween forms. Other features of the game include Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, EV/IV Viewer, Moves from gen 4-7, Day and Night system, New evolution stones, and systems.

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In addition to being able to play as the original Pokemon or their evolved forms, Pokemon Victory Fire GBA allows players to experience new battle mechanics and systems such as Mega Evolution and Primal Reversion. These special abilities allow gamers to battle with different strategies and take advantage of their favorite Pokemon’s special abilities. Also, try Pokémon Gelb++ GBC Download

Alolan Forms

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA features Alolan forms of Pokemon from the Generation IV and V games. These forms have different stats, moves, and evolution options than the original form. Players can explore a new continent on the game’s map and discover the underground black market, where they can purchase special items and battle against Team Mirage.

The physical/special split in this game allows users to choose between attacking with physical or special moves, depending on the type of Pokemon they are battling with. Additionally, Mega evolution is featured in the game, allowing players to evolve their pokemon into new forms with unique abilities and strengths. Overall, Pokemon Victory Fire GBA gives players plenty of options and opportunities to customize their team and battle against tough opponents. Also, try Pokemon Hoenn Adventures

Galarian Forms

The Galarian forms of Pokemon are a special type of Pokemon available in Pokemon Victory Fire GBA. These forms are different from the traditional forms of the Pokemon that are seen in many other Pokemon games. The Galarian forms of Pokemon feature new graphics and animations, allowing players to experience the epic battle between two legendary Pokemon in an entirely new way.

The game also features the physical-special split and Z-moves, which allow for greater strategic flexibility when battling against the various types of Pokémon in the game. Besides, the physical-special split allows players to use special attacks that require both physical and special attacks to be effective at different points during battle. Overall, Pokemon Victory Fire is a high-quality game that works in all major modern web browsers and is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement for any fan of the popular Pokémon franchise. Also, try Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced

Heron Forms

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA is a game that features Heron forms, which are exclusive to the game. These forms are based on the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, which can be seen in the overworlds of the game. The game also features other forms such as Thonsu forms, Pikachu forms, Galarian forms, Alolan forms, and Halloween forms. It includes new tilesets, graphics, EV/IV viewer, moves from Gen 4-7, day and night system, and new evolution stones and systems. This makes Pokemon Victory Fire a great choice for those who are looking for a Pokémon game with plenty of variety.

Thonsu Forms

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA is a game that allows players to battle and train their favorite pokemon from the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow games. The game also includes a variety of pokemon from newer generations such as gen 8. It features special abilities, new graphics and animations, and mega evolution, z-moves, and primal reversion.

There are different types of pokemon in the game including normal, fire, poison, and ghost type. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses against one another. In addition to battling and training pokemon from the original games, Pokemon Victory Fire GBA also has access to the BW Repel system which allows players to remove all status conditions on their team.

This can be useful in challenging battles when players are running low on health or need to keep an enemy at bay for a specific move. The new BW egg hatch system allows players to hatch eggs that may contain rare pokemon not found in the standard egg groups.

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Infinite TM use

The Pokemon Victory Fire GBA allows players to use infinite TMs in the game. This feature allows players to teach their Pokemon different moves over the course of the game without running out of TMs. The TMs can be used to teach Pokemon moves such as Fighting-type attacks which deal double damage against Normal-type Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Yellow 151

This can be useful when battling powerful Normal-type pokemon, such as Pidgey or Nidoran. Additionally, the TMs can be used to teach Pokemon unique moves such as Fly or Bounce. Players can use the same TM infinitely as long as they have the required number of coins in their pocket. This makes victory more likely, as players will not run out of TMs during battle.

Running Shoes from beginning

Pokemon Victory Fire GBA is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red, released in 2020. The game includes a dungeon-like area called Victory Road, which connects Route 223 to the Pokemon League. The game challenges players with a variety of missions and tasks as they make their way up the road.

Players must use the Defog move to get through the foggy area of Victory Road. To assist them in this task, they can purchase Snivy cards on ebay. These cards help players out by providing special moves that can be used in battle. Overall, Pokemon Victory Fire GBA is a fun and challenging game that fans of the original Pokemon series will enjoy playing over and over again.


There are over 200 different Pokemon forms in the Pokemon series and of them, only 15 of them have mega-evolutions. The evolution process is pretty simple as it just requires a lot of effort. Mega-evolutions are more powerful than the regular version of the same pokemon and they require special stones to use the special mega-moves.

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