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Pokemon Ash Hoenn is a remake of Pokemon Emerald by An_Kit Kumar. In Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version for GBA, players take control of Ash as he treks across the region of Hoenn on his quest to become a Pokemon master. Players can choose from a variety of Pokemon to team up with Ash and take on Gym Leaders, famous Trainers, and other powerful foes that stand in their way. Through skill and determination, can you become the greatest Pokemon master of all time? It’s up to you to prove it!

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version GBA

Pokémon Ash Hoenn Version is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Emerald and was created by An_Kit Kumar. This version offers an immersive version of the classic Pokemon Emerald game where players can play as Ash Ketchum and explore the Hoenn region. The game features over 100 different wild Pokemon to encounter, 15 Gym Leaders, and various other Trainers. Also, try Pokemon Roaming Red

Players can choose from a variety of Pokemon to team up with Ash and take on these challenges. In addition to this, they can battle it out in the Battle Tent or participate in Pokémon Contests. This game provides a colorful and engaging experience that is sure to capture players’ attention. Overall, this version of Pokémon Emerald is an excellent way for players to experience the game in its fullest.Screenshot_3 Pokemon Ash Hoenn


These include Pokemon Prime: Purple Edition, Pokemon Robust Red, Pokemon Salt Crystal, and many more. Ash’s Phanpy returns as well in this hack.

In addition to the hacks, there are also video guides and emulators for the game. This makes it easier for players to access the hacks and learn how to play them properly. It’s a great way to experience these hacks without having to go through the trouble of playing them on a real console.

Character selection

The game allows players to choose between a male Ash Ketchum and a female character named Juliet. Additionally, players can give their Pokemon nicknames using the machine at the Pokemon Center. As the game progresses, players will be able to collect Hoenn Gym Badges and obtain Pokemon such as Snorunt, Munchlax, Azurill, and Squirtle. The game also features some pokemon that evolve over time, such as Brock’s Lombre into Ludicolo and Ash’s Snorunt into Glalie. Overall, this game is a great way for fans to continue the adventure of Ash and his friends in an engaging and interactive way. Also, try Pokemon Arcoiris 

Battle system

Pokemon fans have many options when it playing the game, from battling in single, double, or multi battles to earning Battle Points (BP) for defeating the Frontier Brain. As players level up, they are given the opportunity to give their Pokemon nicknames using the machine in the Pokemon Center. Additionally, players can catch all the Pokemon that Ash catches in Hoenn. After reaching Level 65 and earning their fifth Gym Badge, players can challenge the Battle Frontier and battle powerful legendary Pokemon. If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go and looking for more ways to play this fun mobile game, be sure to check out our page on tips and tricks to help you reach your goals faster.

Graphics and animation

The game features a variety of graphics and animations including characters, environments, and other elements.

Music and sound effects

The ending songs are “Because the Sky is There” by Toshiko Ezaki and “Polka O Dolka” by Inuko Inuyama (Meowth) and Nolsol Chorus Group. The English opening song is “I Wanna Be a Hero” by David Rolfe. Tracks from the video game “Symphonic Evolutions” are featured in the game. The theme song for Meowth’s Party is also featured in the game.

The Pokémon series has had a long history of musical releases, with several soundtracks and albums available. Some of the more popular soundtracks include those from the Japanese versions of the first two games, as well as those from later games in the series. Besides music, there are also sound effects in some of the games that add to their appeal. For instance, there are often unique battle cries or sounds when you capture a Pokémon or win a battle. Also, try Pokemon Quest APK Version

Special and Physical Split

It allows players to play as the anime’s Ash Ketchum in the Hoenn region. In addition to playing as Ash, the game also has many other features that make it a fun and immersive experience for players. The most notable feature of this game is that it does not require players to use any of the game’s hm abilities.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Ash Hoenn

This saves players time while still allowing them to experience all of the game’s features. Other notable features include being able to catch all the Pokemon Ash catches in Hoenn, as well as following the same events as in the anime series. Overall, the Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version GBA Rom Hack is a quality game that allow fans of the anime to experience it from an alternate perspective.

Legendary Pokemon

It allows players to play as Ash Ketchum in the Hoenn Region. The hack features legendary Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon. Other legendary Pokemon like Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Latias, and Latios are also included in the game.

The hack includes all 151 original Pokemon from the original Pokemon Red and Blue games as well as many other enhancement and bug fixes. One of the main improvements of this game over its original counterpart is that it can be played on a mobile device. With this feature, users can take their favorite Pokemon journey anywhere they go – whether it’s on a subway or while traveling abroad. Overall, Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version GBA is an excellent addition to any fans’ collection and a must-play for all fans of the series.

Pokemon Champion

In the game, you must defeat the Elite Four to access the Battle Tower, which is where you can challenge other trainers and win valuable items and prizes. The Battle Tower has several floors, each with its own unique challenges and hazards. Once you have successfully defeated all of the trainers on a particular floor, you will be able to move up to the next. Also, try Pokemon Blast Burn

Ash received the Terracotta Town Pokémon Contest Ribbon alongside May in this ROM hack, showing that he is a skilled Pokémon trainer. After battling through all of the battles at the Battle Tower and earning all of the awards available, you will be ready for some serious Pokémon battling. If you are a fan of Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version or just enjoy GBA ROM hacks in general, this game is definitely worth checking out.

Exploiting Pokémon

It allows players to play as Ash Ketchum in the game. The story of the ROM hack takes place after Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, so the player can explore new locations such as the Mossdeep Space Center and Meteor Falls. Besides, there are additional Pokémon available for players to catch, including Ash’s Snorunt, May’s Munchlax, Misty’s Azurill, and May’s Squirtle. If you have any troubles with the ROM Hack, please contact the creator for help.

Fairy type

The Fairy type was first introduced in the 2017 Pokemon game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Fairy type is characterized by its ability to use special attacks that are usually reserved for the psychic or fairy classes of Pokemon. Players can play as Ash Ketchum in Hoenn, discovering this new type of Pokemon. The Fairy type has many fascinating abilities and moves, making it a powerful addition to any Pokemon team. Whether you are a diehard fan of the Fairy type or just looking for a cool gift for someone who loves it, the Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version GBA Rom Hack by An_Kit Kumaris has something for everyone.

Mega permanent evolution

It allows players to permanently evolve certain Pokemon. This feature is available for Pokemon such as Ash’s Phanpy, Brock’s Lombre, and more. The Mega permanent evolution feature of Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version GBA makes it possible to take a Pokemon to the next level and make them more powerful in battle. It allows players to permanently evolve their favorite Pokedex entry into a more powerful one.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Ash Hoenn

For example, if you want your favorite Pokedex entry to evolve into a stronger form, the Mega permanent evolution feature of Pokemon Ash Hoenn Version GBA can help you do that. With this feature, you can enjoy playing the game and taking your favorite Pokémon to the next level.

Become a Trainer

You play as Ash and have the ability to give your Pokemon nicknames. During your adventure, you can earn Hoenn GYM Badges and catch Pokemon Ash Catches in Hoenn. The game also allows players to battle Team Rocket, which leads to an exciting story line and battle scenes. After completing the game, you receive a Bulbasaur of level 25 at the Mauville City Pokemon Center. Finally, with this game, you get a Pokémon Passport with Ash’s name on it, highlighting his ongoing adventures in the region of Hoenn.


The feature makes it possible for players to encounter different Pokemon depending on the time of day. Some Pokemon can only be encountered at night, while other Pokemon may exhibit different behaviors and stats depending on the time of day. The day/night feature can also affect a Pokemon’s stats, moves, and abilities, giving players a greater sense of control over their team. Also, try Pokemon Shining Victory

The day/night feature adds another layer of strategy to the popular Pokemon franchise by changing how a Pokemon’s stats, moves, and abilities vary based on the time of day. Some Pokemon may become more powerful at night than during the day, while others may require special treatment or be more vulnerable to certain attacks during the night. This feature makes it possible for players to truly experience the story from both perspectives and feel like they are living out the same events from the anime series.


Pokemon is one of the most evergreen series that has been popular for decades. The first Pokemon game was released in Japan as a hand-held title way back in 1990. The series was later introduced to North America and has since gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon. This is due to its engaging gameplay, memorable characters, and the immersive world it takes place in.

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