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Pokémon Blue Stars 2 is the sequel to the original Pokémon Blue Stars. It follows the journey of Blue as he sets out on his adventure after graduating from Pallet Town. The game features 400 Pokédex entries from multiple regions, as well as updated features from Black and White. Players can participate in a Pokemon Tournament which replaces the Elite Four battle. At the end of the game, Blue has a battle with Red at Mt. Silver using Eevee against Red’s Pikachu.

The latest entry to this series is Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM. In this game, you get to play as Alina, an enthusiastic Trainer who embarks on an epic journey to catch unique Pokémon. Join us as we walk you through the game’s complete walkthrough, but before that, let’s talk about what makes this game different from the usual Pokemon roms.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Blue Stars 2

Pokemon is one of the most beloved games, and it has spawned countless sequels and remakes. What started out as a simple game with paper figures in the late ’90s eventually turned into an expansive universe rife with new legends, species, and gameplay mechanics. Also, try Pokemon Emerald Advanced

The game also provides players with an alternate route to follow in addition to the main storyline, allowing them to experience new scenes and encounters. Overall, it is an excellent sequel that can be enjoyed by fans of the original game as well as new players looking for a fun Pokémon title to dive into.

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If you are a fan of the Pokémon series, then you must have already heard of Pokémon Blue and its sequel, Pokémon Blue Stars 2. The former was released on the Game Boy console in 1998 and is one of the most loved titles by Pokémon fans.

Both games are essentially identical but with a few additions and changes. The main difference is that Pokémon Red and Blue was originally released in 1996. They have been re-released many times since with various enhancements and new features added on.

Porygon with eviolite is present in the game and is very bulky. However, it can be knocked out easily by a stronger opponent if not careful. A battle between Blue and Red at Mt Silver at the end of the game is also an exciting part for any Pokemon player to look forward to. Also, try Pokemon Pokeverse

Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM is a fantastic Pokemon game that offers hundreds of different species to find and capture. The game features a new region and storyline, with the Pokemon Tournament replacing the Elite Four. In this game, you may find Professor Oak in Pallet Town, who will give you a Pokedex and challenge you to complete an errand. He will also give you the Earth Badge if you defeat him.

If you have won the Earth Badge, he will allow you to use TM92 (Trick Room) free of charge. Additionally, Blue, the protagonist of this game, is the leader of the Viridian Gym and will give you the Earth Badge upon defeating him.

Pokemon Champion

The Pokemon Champion in Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM is Bluewho is seen having a battle with Red at Mt. Silver using his Eevee against Red’s Pikachu. In the game, Blue has a Full Restore that he uses 12.5% of the time if the HP falls below 20%. If the player chose Bulbasaur, Blue will use a Venusaur; if the player chose Charmander, Blue will use a Charizard; and if the player chose Squirtle, Blue will use a Blastoise. Overall, the Pokemon Champion in Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM maintains his core team completely unchanged from the original games.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Blue Stars 2

Own history

Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Ultimate is the full version of the game and takes players on a new adventure. The game features a new region, storyline, and 400 unique Pokemon from across regions. The game follows the map outline of Fire Red, featuring updated features from Black/White. In addition to all the classic gameplay from Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green, this version adds in Porygon with Eviolite as a powerful addition to the game. Porygon with Eviolite has an ability that allows it to automatically learn any Defense-related move when it levels up. Also, try Pokemon Ranger ROM

This makes it a great choice for training and competing against other trainers. In addition to the standard battle mechanics, Pokemon Blue Stars 2 Ultimate also includes a tournament system that lets players compete against each other in casual battles. Overall, this version of Pokemon is sure to captivate fans old and new with its engaging story line and challenging gameplay.

New gyms

Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM features an all-new region and storyline, with 15+ advanced trainers and rivals to battle against. In the game, players must complete an errand by delivering packages to Pallet Town before they set off on their journey. The unique feature of this version is that only one Gym Leader in the game maintains his core series team completely unaltered, in terms of the Pokemon used.

This makes for a compelling story as players attempt to best each Gym Leader and rival in a new region. Besides, there is also a Pokemon Tournament that replaces the Elite Four and auto-healing between battles. Overall, this ROM has plenty of interesting gameplay mechanics that make it a highly engaging experience. Also, try Pokemon Omega Paradox

Exploiting Pokémon

In order to exploit Pokémon, it is necessary to use various methods, including “glitching” and “speeding.” These are both types of gameplay glitches that can be used to gain an advantage in the game without having to use additional packs. Glitching allows the player to reach areas of a game that are normally inaccessible or obtain items that are normally unavailable.

In Pokémon, this can be done by using certain moves or items at the right time in the game. Speeding allows the character’s movement speed to be increased beyond normal limits, which gives the player an edge when attempting to defeat tough challenges in the game. In Pokémon Blue, only Blue is the main gym leader who maintains his core team unchanged. At the end credits of the game, Blue is seen in a battle against Red at Mt. Silver.

Fairy type

This classic Pokemon game features a new Fairy type that allows some of the new features such as 150+ Pokemon and new movesets for all Pokemon in the game. Players may also encounter Fairy-type Pokemon in the game and must be prepared to battle with them. In addition to this, Fairy-type Pokemon are sponging damage from advanced trainers and rivals in the game, which makes it a tough challenge to defeat them. These exciting new changes and features make this classic game a must-have for any Pokemon fans’ collection. Also, try Pokemon New Emerald

Become a Trainer

As a Pokemon trainer, you must complete various tasks to progress in the game. Players have to deliver packages for the Professor Oak before they can begin their journey as a trainer in Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM. Afterward, players must battle five trainers and complete the errand before they can set off on their adventure.

Once you have collected the Badges, Blue appears in Professor Oak’s Lab and gives you a Key Stone and all Kanto starter pokemon Mega Stones. After defeating the elite four, Blue becomes the Pokemon Champion and is defeated by the player. You can rematch blue at the Viridian Gym once per day during post-game. Once you defeat blue and complete your journey as a Pokemon trainer, you will become a star in your own right!

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Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM features a day/night cycle that enables players to access competitive items during the day and the night. The game also features a major TM seller in Seda City that is accessible during both the day and night with auto-healing in between. This means players can encounter advanced trainers and rivals both during the day and night with auto-hening abilities to make it easier to battle them.

In Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM, players can encounter advanced trainers and rivals at all times of the day or night with auto-healing abilities. These features mean that players can easily prepare for tough battles without worrying about making mistakes or accidentally healing their Pokemon too much. Overall, this game offers a variety of options for players looking for various challenges.

Customize character

In Pokemon Blue Stars 2, you have the ability to customize your character’s appearance. You can choose from many different clothing options to create a unique look for your character. Besides, you can also choose from a range of different hairstyles and facial hair options to make your character truly yours. Besides, the game has various other features that allow you to design your own movesets for all Pokémon in the game and even choose from a large selection of Fairy type Pokémon. Overall, Pokemon Blue Stars 2 is an amazing game that allows you to create your own unique character and experience the wonderful world of Pokemon in an engaging way. Also, try Pokemon Blue ROM

Unique and Complex Puzzles

Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM is a game with a huge amount of complex puzzles for players to solve. The game has a wide range of puzzles, ranging from simple ones like catching a certain type of Pokemon to more complex ones requiring the use of Mega Evolutions and new Movesets for all Pokemon in the game. Some of these more complicated puzzles require the use of special items or abilities that only some Pokemon available in the game possess, making them challenging to solve. In total, there are more than 1,000 hours of gameplay in this game and it can take players months or years to complete it all.

The main challenge about Pokemon Blue Stars 2 ROM is that it fainting if you don’t win a puzzle within a certain time limit. This means that players must use their creativity and intelligence to outwit the game and succeed in all challenges. Overall this is an engaging and challenging game that will keep you entertained for many hours.

Quality of Life Improvements

The new region and storyline in Pokemon Sun and Moon adds a huge amount of variety to the game. Players will be tasked with traveling to an island filled with mysterious ruins, where they must investigate the history of the region and its unique Pokemon. With over 400 Dex entries from across different regions, this game offers players a comprehensive guide to Pokemon available.

The updated features from B/W, such as access to competitive items and the major TM seller, helps make this game more engaging than its predecessor. Additionally, with Pokemon Tournament replacing E4, players can always challenge their friends with challenging new Pokemon battles. Overall, Pokemon Sun and Moon is a great choice for fans who are looking for a more engaging experience.


Pokemon is not just a game anymore. It has evolved into an industry that is booming and lucrative. The Pokemon series has been around for decades and it looks like it ain’t about to end anytime soon. If you are new to the franchise, we suggest you start with the original series (Red and Green) before moving on to Blue and Gold. They are both available on the same platform, so download them both! As for Pokemon Stars, it is still a work in progress but we are sure it will be a brilliant addition to the franchise.

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