Pokemon New Emerald Download (Updated)

Pokemon New Emerald is a hack of the original GBA game, Emerald Version. The game has been edited to include credits and a flag for noncompliance. The game file info states the game name, author, platform, remake of, and language. Players can download the pre-patched version of Pokemon New Emerald from igorfs10’s website.

In Pokemon New Emerald, the player takes on the role of a young trainer who travels to the new region of Hoenn in order to become the next master trainer. In this hack, 151 new Pokemon have been added to explore and capture, including some exclusive variants. Players must venture out into new areas and discover these new Pokemon as they attempt to become the best trainer in Hoenn.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon New Emerald

Welcome to the Pokemon New Emerald, a GBA game set in the world of Kanto. In this game, you will encounter many different species of Pokemon and go on quests to catch them all. Also, try Pokemon Blue ROM

You will also level up your Pokemon as you progress through the game, gaining new abilities and stronger attacks. Expect to spend hours battling against tough opponents and leveling up your team.


If you’re a fan of the features in Pokemon New Emerald, you should definitely check out screenshots, videos, cheats, and walkthroughs of it. This way, you can get a clear idea of what the game has to offer and make an informed decision. Moreover, you can also download the game and enjoy all its features without any hassle. With so many features and improvements, there’s no denying that Pokemon New Emerald is a great hack for Pokemon Emerald fans.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon New Emerald

A new region, the Hoenn Region

Pokemon New Emerald is a hack of the original game, featuring new regions and new 386 obtainable Pokemon. This version has updated physical and special status split, as well as new moves and abilities for the gen 7 games. Additionally, there is a new section of the Safari Zone with Johto Pokemon to battle and train. To challenge the Elite Four, the player must defeat Wallace, but the true champion is Steven who can be found in Meteor Falls. Also, try Pokémon Ash Johto GBA

Once defeated, he will teach you how to catch Rayquaza. The region of Hoenn is expansive and features tons of different locations such as cities and wilderness. There are also various types of terrain that must be navigated in order to progress further in the game. Overall, Pokemon New Emerald is a great hack that offers new features and plenty of content to keep players engaged.

Changes to the battle system

The new Battle! Mew theme has been added to Pokemon New Emerald. This theme is exclusive to the game and plays during battle. E-Reader support has been removed from the international releases of the game; however, this does not affect players in Japan, where E-Reader support still exists. The new locations Groudon and Kyogre can now be captured at higher levels than before.

The entrances to the Team Magma and Team Aqua Hideouts are no longer sealed after you defeat Tate and Liza; instead, they stay open until you defeat the leaders of both teams. In addition to these changes, the Legendary titans’ puzzles have also been slightly altered, but the game’s core principles remain unchanged. Also, try Pokemon Dash ROM

Changes to friendship Pokémon

The new version of the classic game, Emerald, has added various updates and changes that make it more engaging than ever before. With 386 obtainable Pokemon and special status split into physical and special stat categories, players can now train their pokemon in a more diverse way. The new version has also updated moves and abilities to Gen 7 standards, allowing players to enjoy battles with more strategic gameplay.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon New Emerald

Additionally, all pokemon featured in the game are shiny variants, making them more appealing for trainers who are interested in raising their pokemon to their fullest potential. Other updates include the addition of a Berry system that makes training easier. Overall, the new version of Emerald is a must-play for any fanatic Pokemon trainer out there looking to engage in an exciting new adventure. Also, try Pokemon Old White Version

New protagonist, the Emerald Ash Ketchum

Pokemon new emerald features a new protagonist, the Emerald Ash Ketchum. The player can start their new journey in pokemon new emerald with one of three starting pokemon: Charmander, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. As the game progresses, the player will have to battle the elite four and champion to become the pokemon league champion. The game also features a new region called the Hoenn region, where our protagonist must explore and complete various tasks to gain access to more areas. In addition to this, our protagonist will meet up with Steven on Route 120 who will give our protagonist the Devon Scope for them to enter the gym. Besides this, they will also meet Brendan/May for one last battle outside of the Lilycove Department Store. Lastly, driving off Team Aqua from Mt. Pyre is another important task that our protagonist needs to accomplish in pokemon new emerald.

Wild Pokemon from Gens 1-7

Pokemon New Emerald is a remake of Pokemon Emerald for the Gba platform, developed by igorfs10 and available in English. The game features Wild Pokemon from Generations 1 to 7, including Johto pokemon from generation 2 which can be found in the extended Safari Zone. In addition, fans can get the original Generation 2 Starters (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile) once they have completed the Hoenn Dex.

This game is challenging as it has three main challengers: Wallace, Steven, and Elites. Once fans finish the Hoenn dex and defeat the Elite Four and Champion, they will receive a Celebi to complete their Pokedex. As with any good pokemon game, there are various side quests for players looking for extra challenge and a bigger rewards. Also, try Pokemon Expert

Exciting Battling Mechanics

Pokemon New Emerald features an exclusive Battle! (Mew) theme, allowing players to enjoy a new version of the popular battle system from the original game. This game includes updated moves and abilities from Gen 7, as well as a physical/special split that allows for greater strategic depth in battle. Additionally, Pokemon New Emerald includes 386 obtainable Pokemon, accessed via the unique Berry system.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon New Emerald

The game also features new features such as a Black/White Repel System, which allows players to easily transfer their caught pokemon from gen 5 to gen 6. With new areas and a variety of activities to explore, this game is sure to keep fans entertained throughout their journey. Overall, Pokemon New Emerald is a quality gen 6 game that provides an exciting new twist on an iconic battle system.

All 386 Pokemon obtainable

Pokemon New Elemnt features 386 pokemon to choose from, including all the shiny. It has a code for adding items to your inventory, including Master Balls, Luxury Balls, Premier Balls, and more. The game also has a massive range of customization options. You can change the appearance of your Pokemon, as well as their abilities and levels. You can also have multiple characters team up with you in battle.

Pal Park is available in Pokemon New Emerald for permanent transfers from Generation IV games, allowing you to bring some interesting Gen II pokemon from other gba games into play. Some pokemon from Generation II can be found in the Hoenn Safari Zone extension, so be sure to look around for them. Overall, Pokemon New Emerald is a great game for pokemon fans who want to continue playing the game after its new gen remaster was released earlier this year.

Trade evolutions changed

The game features 386 obtainable Pokemon, including new favorites like the Ponyta family and the powerful Steel and Fairy types. Stone evolutions were added to the game, making it easier for players to train their favorite Pokemon. This update also introduced Physical and Special split, as well as new rules and information about how to play. In addition, the Black/White Repel system was updated to Gen 7 features, making it easier for trainers to catch Pokemon. The Berry System has been added to the game, which gives players access to special Berries that can be used for various purposes in-game.

Other updates include the Contest being removed, along with the Golden Pokeballs that have been introduced in an effort to make training Pokemon more fun and engaging. Overall, New Emerald is a fun and feature-rich game that allows players to easily capture all of their favorite Pokemon.

Moves and abilities updated to gen 7

The new version of Pokemon Emerald features an updated moves and abilities to the 7th generation. The Black/White Repel System has been implemented, allowing players to trade between the new and old versions of Pokemon Emerald without losing any of their progress on the game. In-game traded Pokemons have perfect IVs, making it easier to train them.

The Contest feature has been removed from the game, which makes it more challenging for players who are looking for a more competitive challenge. Dual-slot mode allows for the access of some Generation II Pokémon, such as Growlithe and Moltres, in game. Overall, the new version of Pokemon Emerald is a significant improvement over its predecessor. Also, try Pokemon Adventure Gold Chapter 

New items

With new items like the Master Ball, Luxury Ball, and Premier Ball available in Pokemon New Emerald, players have more options for capturing and raising their favorite Pokémon. The game features a variety of different types of items to use in-game, from useful healing items to powerful combat gear. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for new features to unlock, there’s plenty of options in this game.

To access the game and add items to your inventory, make sure you have the game downloaded on your system. You can also access the in-game item shop using specific item codes. However, be careful when using these codes as some may not work for certain games or regions. Overall, Pokemon New Emerald is a great game for anyone who loves playing the popular action-RPG franchise.

Black/White Repel system

The new repel system in Pokemon New Emerald helps trainers to avoid random encounters. This system allows players to focus on stronger Pokemon instead of weak ones, making it easier to progress in the game. It can also be used to avoid legendary Pokemon that randomly appear in the game. Players can purchase Repel items from local Pokémon Centers that help them avoid wild pokemon encounters.

The new repel system in Pokemon New Emerald is helpful for players who want to enjoy the game without interruption. It helps to ensure players always have the best experience possible by allowing them to focus on their goals without having to worry about accidentally encountering a weak or rare pokemon. The repel system in this game is a great addition that helps make it more engaging and challenging for players to explore and complete all of the exciting tasks and activities at their disposal.

Toggleable EXP sharing

The new Pokemon game, Pokemon New Emerald, features a new EXP sharing feature that allows players to toggle the feature on and off with a Game Link Cable or GBA Wireless Adapter. This enables players to determine how much of the Experience Points (EPs) earned by their Pokemon will be shared with the player. The feature is compatible with both Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, allowing players to enjoy the game’s features regardless of whether they have played previous games in the series. Also, try Pokemon Prestigious Platinum NDS

While EXP sharing allows for increased efficiency in leveling up pokemon, it comes with some caveats. One limitation is that trading with games from Generations I and II is not possible. Additionally, if a player has reached the Hall of Fame and unlocked the National Pokédex, EXP sharing will be enabled automatically. Instead of pokemon gaining EPs over time as usual, they will instantly earn them when encountered in-game.


With more than 700 new Pokémon to find, new moves to learn, new items to collect, and new story arcs to experience, Pokemon Emerald is here to change the way you play and challenge you to become a better trainer. If you’re up for a new journey filled with exploration, battling strong foes, and catching every Pokémon possible in Hoenn, go ahead and download it now! Stay tuned for our next blog on FireRed.

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