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Pokemon Sun Red is a remake of Pokemon FireRed by joedram0 for GBA. In this game, players take control of a Pokemon Trainer and set off on an adventure to capture more than 800 different species of Pokemon and train them to battle against other Pokemon.

The game features many different modes of play, including a Battle Royale mode where players can pit their own Pokemon against other trainers’ monsters in battles for supremacy. Players can also collect various items throughout the game that help them gain XP or battle against specific types of Pokemon. The story mode follows a team of Pokemon Trainers as they go on an adventure throughout the Alola region.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Sun Red GBA

Pokemon Sun Red is a hack of Pokemon FireRed that allows players to take control of a Pokemon journey. This game features classic Gen I & II Pokemon as well as Alolan Pokemon from Gen VII. Players can set off on an adventure to capture more than 800 different species of Pokemon and train them to battle against other players’ Pokemon in various modes of play.Screenshot_3 Pokemon Sun Red

The game also includes many different modes of play, such as the Battle Royale mode where players can pit their own Pokemon against each other in a battle for supremacy. With so many different options for gameplay, players won’t be bored with this hack anytime soon. Also, try Moemon Revival Ruby Download

Pokemon Sun Red Features

Pokemon Sun Red is a Pokemon Fire red hack. As a result, it takes some of the best parts of that game and adds new features to make it more appealing. For starters, players can catch classic Gen I & II Pokemon as well as Gen VII Alolan Pokemon in Kanto. In addition, the game introduces an alternate storyline known as the Ultra Sun & Moon story arc. This lets players experience the journey of Ash and his friends from the same perspective as in the anime. Another interesting feature is the battle Royal, an event where trainers from around the world participate in a giant battle for supremacy.

The game also introduces new moves and abilities to enhance gameplay. Ultimately, Pokemon Sun Red is a must-have for any serious player of Pokémon games on the 3DS console.

Utilize the New HM System

The new HM system in Pokemon Sun and Moon includes a number of new features, such as the addition of the Fairy type and the physical/special split. The new HM system also includes the addition of the Fire type as a weakness and Steel as a resistance. With the new HM system, players can now utilize 400 different moves and attacks that have different effects based on the type of attack used. Also, try Moemon Leaf Green 

As part of this new system, players will also be able to experience day and night cycles in their games, which adds an additional layer of realism to the game. Additionally, both Type: Null and Silvally have been added to Pokemon Sun and Moon, which adds another layer of depth to the game’s narrative. By upgrading the HM system, Pokemon Sun and Moon have truly pushed boundaries and made gameplay more engaging and engaging.

Become a Master Trainer

To become a master trainer in Pokémon Sun and Moon, players must defeat at least six master trainers in the game. After defeating the masters, you can challenge red, the highest-level trainer in the game, at Indigo Plateau. Also, try Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee 

Red will grant you the title of battle master after being defeated. He will reappear each time you defeat the elite four. Red has Pokémon similar to Ash of the anime, except that all three starters are fully evolved compared to Ash only having one fully evolved.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Sun Red

Customize character

The player character in Pokemon Sun Red GHA is customizable and players can choose from multiple different outfits. The character’s look can be customized further by equipping them with a backpack, watch, or other accessory. Besides the look of the character, players can also choose from a wide variety of Gen I and Gen II Pokemon to add to their team. They can also challenge the game’s champion, Cynthia, and her team of powerful Pokemon.

Besides customizing the look of their character, players can also catch classic Gen I and Gen II Pokemon as well as Alolan Pokemon in Kanto. Additionally, players can challenge the game’s champion and her team of legendary Pokemon. Overall, Pokemon Sun Red GBA offers a great way for players to customize their characters and have fun while playing the game.

Gym Leaders

Red is the final opponent you must defeat in order to clear the Gym Leader Castle challenge in Pokemon Stadium 2, as he has all three Kanto Starters fully evolved and a team of powerful Pokemon. He has been referred to as the “Hero of Kanto”, the “Ultimate Pokemon Trainer”, and the “Pokemon Champion” for his battle prowess and overall skills as a trainer. Red is a formidable foe who will require you to use all your best moves and tactics to beat him. Also, try Pokemon Mega Origins

If you are up for the challenge, you’ll surely be able to prove yourself as a master trainer and earn that gym badge. You can find more information about Red and other Gym Leaders by checking out various ROM hacks such as Pokemon Infinite Fusion, Pokemon Eon Guardians, Pokemon Gym Leader Simulator, or Pokemon Pathways.

Unique and Complex Puzzles

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two of the most highly anticipated games of 2017. These games both offer engaging and complex gameplay that challenges players to strategize, capture, and train new monsters. Pokemon Sun and Moon both feature a wide range of unique monsters to capture and train, but each game features a different set of monsters. The elaborate and engaging puzzles in Pokemon Sun and Moon make for a game that is both fun and challenging to play.

Each of the games in the series offers players battling opponents with different attacks and abilities which makes the gameplay faster-paced and more challenging. One of the unique aspects of the Pokemon series is its battle system, which requires players to consider their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses before choosing an appropriate attack. By challenging players to use their skills critically, the battle system keeps things exciting and engaging throughout the game.

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Quality of Life Improvements

Pokemon Sun and Moon take the classic gameplay of the original series and update it for a new generation. It offers a unique take on the Fire Red formula, with the inclusion of classic Gen I & II Pokemon as well as Alolan forms from the latest game in the series, Pokemon Sun. Leveling up your Pokemon to their maximum level is essential for success in any quest, and with Pokemon Sun Red GBA you can have the highest-leveled Pokemon in the game at level 85, even higher than those of trainers in the original second-generation games.

Wild Pokemon from Gens 1-7

The original Pokemon Red and Blue were released in 1996, and have been remade several times since. The latest version of the game series is Pokemon Sun and Moon, which was released in 2016. These games feature versions of Red and Blue, who can be battled at the Battle Tree in Alola. Red and Blue first appeared in the Pokemon Evolutions game, which takes place in the same universe as Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In this game, players can battle Red and Blue from the original games and other versions of the series. Players assume that Red and Blue are in their 30s in Pokemon Sun and Moon, as they were released 20 years before. However, time passes differently in the world of Pokemon, as Ruby and Sapphire happen at the same time as Red and Blue.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Sun Red

Trade evolutions changed

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are game changers for the Pokemon series thanks to their exciting gameplay and engaging stories. One of the exciting new features in these games is the ability to trade evolutions between them. This feature allows players to change the Pokémon’s evolution stage by completing certain tasks in battle. In Pokemon Sun, players can trade evolutions with classic Gen I and II Pokemon, alongside Gen VII Alolan Pokemon, in the Kanto region.

By defeating Red in the Battle Tree, you can mega evolve the starters and benefit from new move effects. Additionally, over 400 new Attacks with new Move Effects have been introduced in this game that will enhance your gameplay experience. The Physical/Special Split has also been implemented to give players more options when it comes to attacking and defending. Overall, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are game changer for the Pokemon series with their diverse set of features and engaging stories.

Moves and abilities updated to gen 7

Pokemon Sun Red GBA features over 400 new attacks and move effects, including physical/special split. Fire has been added as a Fairy weakness and Ice now resists Dragon and Water, while Steel now resists Fighting and is weak to Psychic. These updates make the battle experience more dynamic and unpredictable. The game also includes new Pokemon and different forms of old favorites such as Silvally and Type: Null. Also, try Pokemon Hoenn White

Furthermore, Pokemon sun red GBA includes day and night cycle, allowing players to experience the game’s story in a different way each time they play. Overall, Pokemon sun red GBA offers an engaging experience for both casual players looking for an accessible entry point into the iconic Pokemon franchise as well as seasoned fans looking for new ways to play.


GBA is the most sought-after console for Pokemon fans, and there’s no better way to experience the game than by playing it on a handheld device. With enhancements like the new 3D models and the ability to play in sun or moonlight, you can get a better idea of how the game plays and what makes it stand out from the rest. If you are looking for an authentic experience of playing Pokemon on a handheld device, download now. You will not regret it!

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