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In Pokemon Amnesia, you take on the role of a young boy who awakens with amnesia in a strange world full of mysterious Pokemon. You must travel across this land to find your way home, battling Pokemon along the way and trying to solve the many mysteries of this world.

The story of Pokemon Amnesia is told through text and graphics, so it’s not an intense or graphic-heavy game by any means. However, if you’re into games that take you on a journey through a strange world filled with mystery and excitement, then this could be the one for you!

The game follows the story of a trainer who has amnesia. The player controls him/her as they progress through the game and fight against gym leaders and sortie trainers. As the player progresses through the game, s/he is also required to explore more options for battling trainers, including cities.

Complete Overview of Pokemon Amnesia GBA

Pokemon amnesia is a classic game released for the Game Boy Advance (GBA) in 2002. It includes characters from some of the classic games such as Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Dream, Pokemon Quartz, and Pokémon 2004. Also, try Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y

Amnesia was also released for the Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 platforms. The game follows the story of a 12-year old in the region of Verde who is well-known throughout the land and battles their rival in a tournament. It is a turn-based RPG with elements of adventure that appeals to players of all ages.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon Amnesia

The game’s gameplay is simple yet engaging as players travel through various areas and battle enemies. Amnesia has an easy control scheme with only two buttons used for attacking and jumping. Its memorable storyline and addicting gameplay make it one of the best GBA games out there.


Pokemon Amnesia is a GBAROM hack of FireRed developed by Hedgehogger released on March 15, 2008. It is available to download and play on the Nintendo DS console. It has similar controls to other Pokemon games such as entering ↵ to start and Space to select/mode. Also try Pokemon Yellow ROM 

The game has you playing as a young amnesiac girl who has lost her memory in a forest. You’ll have to explore this area and find various items and Pokemon to progress through the game. Overall, it’s a great entry-level game for those looking to get into the popular Pokemon franchise.

Items and abilities

Pokemon UNITE’s Amnesia is a Slowbro move that is obtained by reaching level 6 and upgrading Slack Off. When used with a Psychium Z, Z-Amnesia eliminates any stat drops applied to the user and restores a portion of the user’s Oblivious health.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Amnesia

The TM Machine at any Pokemon Center allows players to craft additional copies of TM128 – Amnesia by collecting League Points and Pokemon Materials. The directional keys are used to navigate in-game menus within the Amnesia GBA ROM. Using Amnesia in-game increases the user’s Special Attack by an unspecified amount at level 13. Also, try Pokemon Lunar Version

Pokemon encountered in the game

Pokemon Amnesia is a game available on the Game Boy Advance ROM. It features Slowbro as one of the Pokemon in the game. Slowbro can learn the move Amnesia at level 6, which will instantly erase any stat drops from the user. However, amnesia can be cured with a special move called Z-Amnesia which eliminates any stat drops and restores them to their original values.

When a Pokemon holds a Psychium Z and uses its Z-Power, amnesia will turn into Z-Amnesia and eliminate any stat decreases applied to the user when amnesia is used. This makes amnesia an essential move for pokémon that rely on stats such as HP or attack to be successful in battle. Additionally, using amnesia at level 13 will increase pokémon’s special attack by 30%. Also, try Pokemon Jasper ROM

New gyms

The move Amnesia is available in Pokemon UNITE, obtained by reaching level 6 and upgrading Slack Off. Amnesia is also available in Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2, where it can be acquired through capturing a specific type of Pokemon. When a Pokemon is holding Psychium Z and uses Z-Power, Amnesia turns into Z-Amnesia, allowing the user to turn back time by one turn. In the Pokemon Amnesia game, there are several ways to progress through the story. The start, select, and mode options enable players to customize their gameplay experience.

The new gym added to the game offers players the opportunity to battle against stronger opponents and gain valuable training for their team. The variety of options available in this game makes it appealing for both casual and hardcore players. Also, try Pokemon Chrome

Exploiting Pokémon

Pokémon UNITE is a GBA ROM that includes the move Amnesia, which can be unlocked by reaching level 6 and upgrading the move Slack Off. This move allows the user to ignore stat drops when facing a Pokémon with a Psychium Z. In addition, the GBA ROM Pokemon Amnesia includes directions such as ←→↑↓= Directions, enter ↵= Start, Space= Select/Mode.

This allows players to navigate the game easily. The move Amnesia can be found in the GBA ROM Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2, as well as in other games in the series. Overall, Pokémon UNITE is a great way for fans to experience all of the unique features of this popular game. Also, try Pokemon Black 2 ROM

Fairy type

The Fairy type is one of the more unusual types in the Pokemon game. The Fairy type refers to a subset of Pokemon that are characterized by their ability to use special moves such as Fairy Wind and Moonblast. Pokemon found with the Fairy type tend to have special abilities such as amnesia, which eliminates any stat drops applied to the user.

This makes them a popular choice for battles where experience points must be conserved. The Fairy type also benefits from moves such as Fairy Wind, which automatically reduces a foe’s Attack stat. Overall, the Fairy type represents an interesting and unique facet of the Pokemon universe.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Amnesia

Become a Trainer

The Pokemon Amnesia GBA ROM features a unique and engaging gameplay that allows players to become a trainer in the game. The game features various features that allow players to become a successful trainer. First, by pressing the start button, players are able to enter the game and become a trainer. After selecting the character, players can learn special attacks like amnesia and telekinesis to strengthen their team. Also, try Pokemon Pinball Generations

Other key functions in the game include navigation done using directional keys, space bar, and enter; as well as menus that allow players to manage their inventory and progress through the game. Additionally, by defeating your rival and becoming a renowned trainer in Verde region, you will be granted access to Z-moves which can be used to increase stats of your Pokémon.


Pokemon amnesia is a really fun adventure game that will test your memory and problem solving skills. This game was released on the Game Boy Advance in the year 2002, and it has since become one of the most popular GBA titles. If you are a fan of Pokemon and adventure games, we recommend you play this game. It’s an excellent puzzle game that doesn’t require much thinking or effort to be solved. Download Pokemon amnesia now and embark on an incredible journey!

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