Pokemon Lunar Version Download (Updated)

Pokemon Lunar Version is an action-adventure game that takes place on the moon. The player controls a Pokemon Trainer who sets out on a journey to catch and train Pokemon. They must solve puzzles, battle enemies, and collect items to progress through the game.

The world of Pokemon Lunar Version is presented as a digitalized version of the moon. This allows for more realistic graphics and a greater degree of detail than previous games in the series. The player interacts with other characters through dialogues, solving puzzles, and battling enemies in battles.

Complete Review of Pokemon Lunar Version GBA

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, you must know that the game Pokémon Lunar Version is based on the popular game series ‘Pokémon FireRed’. The game was developed by Kostas and released in Pre-Alpha version on July 19, 2017. Also, try Pokemon Jasper ROM

The hack features the ‘Physical/Special Split’ from Gen iv, ‘Repel System’ from Gen v, updated Moves, Abilities, Items and Pokemon to Gen VI, Mega Evolution , Hidden Grottos and a new type Fairy. The features make the game more engaging and fun to play.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon Lunar Version

The story and characters are also great additions to the game. You can go through the story of Pokémon Lunar Version with three main characters – Jupiter, Luna and Callista. They have different personalities but share similar goals: to become a trainer and save their world from evil.

The battle system is also improved and more engaging than ever before. The hack has received positive reviews from players who have commented on its features and download links. Overall, the Pokémon Lunar Version is an excellent ROM Hack for gamers who are fans of Pokémon.


Pokemon Lunar Version is a game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features updated moves, abilities, items, and pokemon to Gen VI, as well as the physical-special split from Gen IV and the repel system from Gen V. Additionally, it includes mega evolution and hidden grottos. The game has a new type called “fairy”, which was introduced in Gen VI of Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Chrome

Screenshots, videos, cheats, and walkthroughs are available for the game online.

Island Challenge

The Island Challenge is a new mechanic introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon which involves players traveling to the four islands of Alola to become the strongest Trainer, known as the island challenge champion. Players must complete trials on each island, which may involve searching for various items, completing tests of knowledge, or battling with Pokémon.

Elite Four and Champion

Pokémon Sun and Moon introduced the Alola region with the Elite Four and its reigning Champion, Professor Kukui. The four members are Hala (Fighting), Molayne (Steel), Olivia (Rock), and Acerola (Ghost). Zygarde is also playable with its 10% Form and Complete Form. Also, try Pokemon Black 2 ROM

The island challenge is a rite with trials and a battle against the island kahuna, known as the grand trial. The players must defeat the kahuna to complete the challenge. The Elite Four fights consist of multiple stages and Challenges, each one more difficult than the last. By defeating all four members, Trainers can earn their rightful place as Alola’s greatest trainer.

Battle Royal

The Battle Royal mode in Pokémon Sun and Moon takes the battle to a whole new level by allowing up to four players to battle each other in a free-for-all battle. The mode features Zygarde, one of the signature Pokémon of the series, which can take on 10% and Complete Formes for use in the battle.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Lunar Version

Additionally, Zygarde’s 10% and Complete Formes are available for players to use so that they can tailor their teams to their specific needs. While battling in Battle Royal mode, players will encounter Hisuian Voltorb, Shinx, Darumaka, and Galarian Darumaka. One-Star Raids feature these iconic Pokémon in Battle Royal mode; these raids are challenging but rewarding if completed successfully. Also, try Pokemon Pinball Generations Download


Z-Moves are a new type of move introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon that require a Z-Ring and Z-Crystal to use. These moves are exclusive to specific Pokémon and can only be used by certain types. In addition to this, the game has added 10% and Complete Formes for some Pokémon, such as Zygarde, Greninja, and Ash-Greninja.

These forms can only be obtained by evolving the corresponding base form or by using specific items. The game also includes Zygarde’s other non-playable forms, such as its Cell and DNA forms. These forms can only be seen through the use of special items. Overall, the game has included plenty of new features to make it a worthy follow up to the previous games in the Pokémon series.

New Forms

In the new Pokemon Lunar version, players can use Zygarde’s 10% and Complete Formes. This version also has updated Physical / Special split from Gen IV, the Repel system from Gen V, moves, abilities, and items from Gen VI. Additionally, the Lunar New Year event of 2023 has been released and brings new themed creatures and bonuses. Also, try Pokemon Nightshade Download

Poké Rides

Pokémon Sun and Moon feature Poké Rides, a new feature that allows players to access areas they could not previously reach. Instead of having to use an item known as a HM (pronounced “H-M”) to unlock an area in the game, Poké Rides allow the player to automatically bypass the need for such items by riding on the back of a Pokémon.

Poke Rides are available in Pokémon Moon, but they are not featured in the National Pokédex or awarded with a diploma like regular moves. However, there is still plenty of information about them available throughout the games.

Hyper Training

Pokemon Lunar Version is an interesting hack based on Pokemon FireRed. It features the Physical/Special Split from Gen IV, the Repel System from Gen V, and moves, abilities, and items updated to Gen VI. Additionally, the game includes the new type Fairy and hidden grottos that can be discovered during gameplay.

The game also includes a Hyper Training feature that allows players to max out the stats of their pokemon. This feature enables them to train their pokemon to have maximum attack and defense potential. In addition to this, the Lunan New Year Event of 2023 also brings several bonuses and limited-time features. Overall, Pokemon Lunar Version is a fun hack that fans of all ages can enjoy. Also, try Pokemon Rose Gold

Graphics and Animation

Pokemon Lunar Version is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon FireRed, created by the developer known as “NekomaruX”. As the name suggests, this game features several gameplay mechanics from Gen VI, including the Physical/Special split and the Repel System. However, it also includes updated Moves, Abilities, Items, and Pokemon to Gen VI. Overall, this game includes many gameplay features from more recent games in the franchise.

One of the unique features of Pokemon Lunar Version is its new type: Fairy. This new type was added in order to balance out the Psychic and Ghost types in the game. Finally, Mega Evolution and hidden grottos are both included in this ROM hack. This allows players to use powerful Pokémon such as Zygfrald and Greninja in their favorite battle sets. As a result, Pokemon Lunar Version is a great choice for players who want to experience the best of both Gen V and Gen VI.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Lunar Version

Special and Physical Split

Pokemon Lunar Version includes the Physical-Special Split feature, which allows players to use both physical and special moves when battling. In addition, the game has access to new moves, abilities, items, and Pokemon from Generation VI. Also, try Pokemon Blue Stars 2

The Fairy type was added to the game in this version; it is a new type that is not normally allowed in the main series of Pokemon games. Additionally, the game contains Mega Evolution and hidden grottos, which allow players to discover new Pokemon and move stats faster than usual. Overall, Pokemon Lunar Version is a great mobile pokemon game for fans looking for a fun, challenging RPG with plenty of features to unlock and evolve their favorite Pokémon.

Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Lunar Version is a brand new pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS that features some of the most sought-after pokemon from the entire pokemon universe, from legendary to Gen 1. This game has it all: players can use Zygarde’s 10% and Complete Formes, Greninja’s Ash-Greninja form, Zygarde’s other forms, Zygarde’s Cell and Core, as non-playable characters.

In addition to that, this game features Fairy type as a new type and various other exciting features from Gen 4 and Gen 5. Players will be sure to enjoy playing this pokemon game anytime and anywhere with its features like the Physical/Special Split and the Repel System from Gen V as well as Moves – Abilities – Items – Pokemon from Gen VI.

Become a Trainer

The Island Challenge in Pokémon Sun and Moon is a challenging activity that players can take on to become an Island Challenge Champion. The Island Challenge consists of various trials, from finding items to completing tests of knowledge.

The challenges always consist of battles against Totem Pokémon, which are much larger than usual and have special auran that aids them in battle. Each island has its own Trial, which must be completed before advancing to the Grand Trial against the Island Kahuna. In the end, the player must face off against all of the island Kahunas to win the challenge. The annual Lunar New Year event is running from January 19th through January 23rd, which allows players to take advantage of various bonuses, such as changes to Pokemon encounters and increased chances for rare Pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Emerald Advanced

Unique and Complex

Pokemon Lunar Version brings the popular Pokemon game from Gen IV to Gen VI with all the content and features of the latest Pokemon games. It features the Physical/Special Split from Gen IV, the Repel System from Gen V, and updated Pokemon, moves, abilities, and items to Gen VI. In addition to this, there are new Zygarde forms available for the first time in a core series game. Volcanion is also available as a powerful new legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Lunar Version also includes Mega Evolution, which allows some pokemon to level up and evolve into more powerful forms. As part of its GBA Rom Hack origins, it includes the ability to save in-game progress with a storage device such as an SD card. Overall, Pokemon Lunar Version is a great way for fans of the FireRed version or those looking for a portable pokemon game to experience a new adventure. Output:


Pokemon is the world’s most popular and successful RPG series. It began as a series of Game Boy games in the early 1990s, evolving from the classic fantasy monsters of old to the modern day “pocket monsters” of the game. Through the years, the Pokemon franchise has expanded to include more than 38 video games across various platforms, TV shows, manga and an anime series.

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