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If you’re a Pokemon fan, chances are that you’ve heard of the game Pokemon Yellow ROM. This game is an emulator of the original games that were released decades ago. It was created by fans in an attempt to bring back nostalgia and gameplay closer to the original.

There are different ROMs out there for you to play. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything about the game that you need to know before playing it. Let’s begin!

Complete Overview of Pokemon Yellow ROM

Pokemon – Yellow Version (USA, Europe) is an enhanced version of the original Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. The main objective of the game is to become the most professional Pokemon Trainer. Also, try Pokemon Lunar Version

The game version comes with Pikachu as a starter Pokémon and has a unique personality and voice. Players can level up Pikachu to make it happier and fainting will make it unhappy. The game version also features other popular Pokémon such as Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Ekans in various stages of evolution.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon Yellow ROM


Pokemon Yellow Version – Special Pikachu Edition is a hack of Pokémon: Yellow Version. This hack features all the original characters from the classic game, as well as some new additions including Pokemon Unbound and Pokemon Sors.

The game includes all the classic features of the original game, such as Pokemon Fire Red, Pokémon Ruby, and Pokemon Platinum. In addition to these features, this hack also includes some extra features such as the ability to edit credits and flags as noncompliant.

Players can also find Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Red, and Super Mario World within the game. Overall, this hack provides players with a great experience of playing Pokémon: Yellow Version on their NDS console. Also, try Pokemon Jasper ROM

Level selection

Pokemon Yellow version is an enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Blue with Pikachu as the star role. It includes all the main features of the original games, such as a random battle generator, but with Pikachu instead of the standard Pokemon characters.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Yellow ROM

As in the original games, Pikachu’s actions can influence how it feels about the player, such as leveling up making Pikachu happy and fainting more often making it unhappy. A rom hack of Pokemon Yellow version called Special Pikachu Edition has added a gender selection feature that allows players to choose between male or female Pikachu when starting a new game. Also, try Pokemon Chrome

This feature makes it possible to experience all the various feelings Pikachu can have about being chosen as a starter pokemon in each game. Besides this rom hack, there is no known way to change the gender or level of a pokemon in Pokémon yellow ROM.

Movement and battle commands

Pokemon Yellow ROM features a third-person overhead perspective view with three screens: menu, battle, and player navigation. It allows players to select moves from a list of available options and execute them in battle. Also, try Pokemon Black 2 ROM

Fights in the game are similar to other Pokemon games, where players must select one of their Pokemon to attack an opponent with a given move. However, in Pokemon Yellow ROM, each move has its own unique effect that can change depending on the Pokemon using it. For example, one move may inflict half the inflicted damage, poisoning, or cause other effects such as paralysis or confusion. Certain moves also leech half of the inflicted damage back to the user.

Pikachu is the player’s starter Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow ROM and has a unique voice and personality that influences how it feels about the player. The game also features various locations that vary based on the version played. For instance, in Pokemon Blue ROM, players can explore Lighthouse Point and Radio Tower; while in Pokemon Red ROM they can visit Cerulean City Gym and Vermilion City pokémon center.

Pokemon encounters

Pokemon Yellow Version is an enhanced version of Pokemon Red and Blue that features Pikachu in the lead role. Pikachu follows the player across the overworld and can be interacted with, affecting its attitude towards the player. The game also features various new hacks and gameplay enhancements, including the ability to capture pokemon using just a pokéball. Also, try Pokemon Pinball Generations Download

There are a variety of pokemon that can be encountered while playing Pokemon Yellow ROM; these include FireGold, Blazing Hope, Boundless Dream, and Eris Emerald. Additionally, players can encounter and battle other trainers while playing the game. Overall, Pokemon Yellow ROM offers a unique experience for players looking for an engaging adventure in the iconic Pokemon universe.

Special items and areas

Pokemon Yellow version ROM contains a Special Pikachu Edition, which is automatically sent to the user’s system after purchase. This special edition contains a special Pikachu that can be either captured or bred, as well as game corner with infinite coins that can be used in the slot machine or exchanged for prizes.

In addition to this, the game also contains Legendary Pokemon, including Mew. The player’s starter Pokemon is Pikachu, which has a unique voice and personality and its actions can influence how it feels about the player. Additionally, players are able to exchange their coins for prizes such as Pokemon. Overall, Pokemon Yellow version ROM is a great game for any Pokemon fan looking to dive into the legendary adventures of the first generation of games. Also, try Pokemon Nightshade Download

Character Customization

The Pokemon Yellow ROM allows players to customize the appearance and behavior of their starter Pokemon Pikachu. Pikachu will follow the player in overworld and its actions are influenced by the player’s level and fainting more often.

Players can also edit credits and flag as noncompliant in the Hack of Pokemon Yellow Version Special Pikachu Edition, which allows them to upgrade the original game with Pikachu as the main role in Pokemon Yellow Version. This game offers many opportunities for customization and replay value, making it a great choice for any Pokemon fan looking to explore the game from a unique perspective.

Difficulty Modes

Pokemon Yellow ROM has three difficulty levels that are Menu, Battle, and Player Navigation. The game has gameplay similar to other Pokemon games, but the game features a third-person overhead perspective view with three screens.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Yellow ROM

This allows players to have an in-depth look at the game’s action without leaving the game itself. The game also features a variety of hacks such as Pokemon Prime: Purple Edition, Pokemon Robust Red, and Pokemon Salt Crystal that can be used to adjust the difficulty level. These hacks can be used to adjust the game’s difficulty to suit a player’s experience level. Also, try Pokemon Rose Gold

The game has multiple difficulty levels for different play styles and interests. Whether players are new to the Pokémon franchise or looking for an intense challenge, there is a difficulty level that will suit their needs. Overall, pokemon yellow rom is a great game that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages and interests. Output:

Pokemon Yellow ROM has three difficulty levels: Battle, Menu, and Player Navigation. The game plays similar to other Pokémon games but features an overhead perspective with three screens. This allows players to explore the action in depth without leaving the game itself.


It is highly recommended that you download Pokemon Yellow ROM, as this game was quite rare and can give you some real nostalgia feelings. The game’s graphics and gameplay are still enjoyable today, and it is a great way to start your journey of becoming a Pokemon master!

Besides, the game was also released on the Nintendo DS console, so you can try it out on your favorite device as well. You can download Pokemon Yellow ROM from our website now!

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