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We’re talking about one game in particular – Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP. If you’re a fan of Pokémon games or are looking to get into them but haven’t done so yet, this is the right blog for you. Read along to find out all about this new game that allows players to experience Pokémon like never before!

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP

It’s time to get started with Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP! A complete walk through of the game is available for download on Paste Here. The walkthrough includes a menu, stat calculator, IV calculator, damage calculator, and more. Also, try Pokemon Rose Gold

The game was created by Ekat and is currently in version 2.0. In this walk through, you will be playing as a young trainer who has just been hired by Professor Sycamore to help investigate the mysterious disappearances of some of Oak’s students. You’ll use various Pokemon to navigate your way through the various regions and solve various puzzles and puzzles along the way. Overall, it’s a great game for anyone looking for an exciting Pokémon adventure!

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– Pokemon Nightshade is a Pokémon-based fangame in which you can take control of the main character and experience the world of Pokémon through their perspective.

– Currently, there are three versions available for download: Alpha, Beta, and Completed v2.0

– Download guides and passwords can be found on various websites. A vital part of playing this game is understanding the gameplay mechanics, so it’s best to refer to other players’ guides or become familiar with the game through gameplay videos. The IV calculator, damage calculator, and stat calculator are essential tools for analyzing your in-game performance.

– Finally, Pokemon nightshade RPGXP is a great game for anyone who loves Pokémon Go or any other similar games. It offers an innovative experience coupled with beautiful graphics and music that both newcomers and experts will love. Also, try Pokemon Blue Stars 2

Limitless Moves

Night Shade is a Psychic-type Pokemon that can use TMs without needing to recharge them. It has the ability to use TMs an infinite number of times without needing to recharge them. In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Night Shade has 17PP and 100% accuracy, while in the Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, it has 8PP and 88% accuracy.

This makes it a powerful Pokemon for various types of battles. In addition to this, Night shade also makes an appearance in Pokemon GO as a Charged Attack with a base power of 100. When used against Ghost-type Pokemon, Night shade never misses its target. Additionally, when a Pokemon is holding Ghostium Z and uses its Z-Power, night shade turns into Never-Ending Nightmare with a base power of 100.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Nightshade

Unfamiliar Landscapes

Pokemon Nightshade is an advanced RPG Maker XP hack created for the Second Winter Jam. It features various landscapes, including areas with stolen Pokemon, dream worlds, and more. In addition to exploring these various locales, players take on the role of Giselle, a Ranger tasked with gathering 10 Ranger Badges. The game has a variety of features that help to make it a unique experience for players. Also, try Pokemon Emerald Advanced

Among them are the ability to collect and train Pokemon from different regions and the ability to customize their appearance and abilities. Downloading the game will allow you to explore the different landscapes of Pokemon Nightshade and enjoy this exciting game!

Ranger Rewards

Pokemon nightshade RPGXP has various Ranger rewards that players can earn through various methods. One such method is by completing tasks in-game and earning Park Points, which are the game’s currency used to purchase Ranger Badges. Players must collect all 10 Ranger Badges in order to become the universe’s ultimate park ranger and complete all of the park’s research projects.

The game also features a move called night shade with 8PP and 88% accuracy in Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky. Overall, Pokemon nightshade RPGXP is a game filled with variety and possibilities for players to earn rewards and progress through the game’s story.

Elite Four

The Pokemon Nightshade RPG XP is an adventure series hack of Pokemon FireRed, released in 2020. It features a unique Elite Four composed of four trainers: Drake, Morty, Deoxys, and Fantina. The Elite Four’s signature move is Night Shade, a move with 8 PP and 88% accuracy. Each trainer has their own unique Pokemon team, including Gengar, Haunter, Frillish, and Yamask. The elite four challenge the player to battle and defeat them in order to earn the title of Pokemon Master.

Unique Pokémon Species

Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP offers players a unique spin on the Pokémon franchise. The game features various species of Pokémon, such as the Poison-type cat-like nightshade and the electric-type pikachu. In addition to these iconic species, players can also encounter various types of Pokémon, such as grass-type pikachu and fire-type pikachu.

Other species include Meowscarada, Flutter Mane, Iron Treads, Roaring Moon, Iron Valiant, Iron Bundle, Iron Jugulis, Dudunsparce, Kilowattrel, and Iron Thorns. All of these different Pokémon have their own unique abilities and traits that make them exciting to battle and capture. Also, try Pokemon Pokeverse

Tournament Battles

Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP is a Fangame Creator made by Ekat with around 4-5 hours of gameplay. It allows players to take part in tournament battles to win Ranger Badges. The tournament battles in the game have a range of effects, such as lowering encounter rates, speeding up egg hatching, and increasing experience gain.

Additionally, Night Shade has 8PP and 88% accuracy in the game, making it a powerful move for fighting against the enemy team in battle. Players can also hack the game to access various hacks, such as Pokemon Eon Guardians, Pokemon Infinite Fusion, and Pokemon Gym Leader Simulator. These hacks allow players to play the game without limitations or restrictions and make it possible to create challenging battles and win prestigious badges. Also, try Pokemon Ranger ROM

Badge Challenges

Pokemon Nightshade is a ROM hack with several badge challenges, like Pokemon Eon Guardians, Pokemon Infinite Fusion, Pokemon Gym Leader Simulator, and Pokemon Pathways. This game has various other features, such as Pokemon Mega Adventure, Pokemon Wood, and Pokemon ROM Hack Emulators. It is a great game for players who are interested in challenging badges and completing various badge challenges. With catchy music, interesting characters, and engaging gameplay, this game is sure to keep players entertained for hours on end.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Nightshade

Enhanced Soundtrack

Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP is an Android and iOS game that allows players to customize their battles with music from their personal library. The game supports additional features such as in-game voice chat and global leaderboards, which allow players to challenge each other around the world. Players can also create battle themes specifically tailored to their fights, allowing for a unique style of gameplay every time.

The game is currently version 2.0, which includes various gameplay improvements and the addition of new features. It is available to download for free on the Google Play and app stores, allowing anyone to enjoy Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP and its exciting gameplay. Other popular Pokemon wikis players can explore include Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Pokemon UNITE, New Pokemon Snap, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Also, try Pokemon Omega Paradox

Indoor Running Routes

Night shade is a move that has 8PP and 88% accuracy in Pokemon night shade game. It can be used to defeat other Pokemon easily. It also comes with an auto-hit feature, which makes it extremely useful in battle. Other than that, Night shade game allows you to customize the battles to your liking. Also, try Pokemon New Emerald

You can choose the music from your music library to play during battles and decide on the type of Pokemon you want to use. This will help you come up with a strategy that suits your play style best. Besides, you must also take into account various factors such as weather, terrain, and health of your Pokemon when making a decision about which Pokemon to use in battle.


Pokemon nightshade RPGXP players can download the fangame creatorto make their own monsters. The game includes the Z-move effect Never-Ending Nightmare, which has a base power of 100. This move can be used only once per battle, but it deals damage based on the user’s current HP and status effects. Additionally, damage calculations of this move are done using a special damage table that makes them more accurate than other damage calculators.

The game also features various calculators to help players keep track of their stats and IVs. There is a walkthrough menu specifically designed for Pokemon nightshade RPGXP players to ensure they succeed in their quests. All of this makes Pokemon nightshade RPGXP a great choice for players who want to customize their characters and experience a unique Pokemon game.


Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP features the character Giselle, a ranger for Cypress Park tasked with various jobs to earn Park Points and Ranger Badges. Giselle can be your primary or backup ranger in a variety of missions, ranging from exploring the park to battling threatening Pokémon. In addition to her regular ranger duties, Giselle also has access to special abilities that can help her complete her tasks more quickly and efficiently.

These abilities include night vision, de-cloaking, and night shade, which have various effects depending on the mission. One of Giselle’s main bonuses is that she is able to battle any Pokémon that she encounters in the park. Pokemon Nightshade RPGXP includes around 4-5 hours of gameplay and offers a wide range of activities for players to enjoy.


Pokemon nightshade RPG XP is the best way to enjoy Pokemon Go’s gameplay in a role-playing game. It’s a great way to spend your time playing and leveling up Pokémon, battling other trainers, and capturing monsters. The game offers you tons of customization options and allows you to play it the way you want. It’s simple to get started and would be a great way to kill time while exploring the world around you. Download now and start playing!

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