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Pokemon Cursed Black is a remake of Pokemon Black by Reidd Maxwell for RMXP. The Pokemon franchise is one of the most popular in the world, and for good reason! Every generation brings new and exciting monsters to collect, train, and battle against other players.

One such monster is the Darkrai, a mysterious Pokémon with an air of mystery surrounding it. This particular creature has been cursed by someone evil and transformed into a black version of itself. Now, anyone who catches or encounters a darkrai will be plagued by visions of a horrific figure that looks like the Pokémon itself.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Cursed Black

If you’re a fan of the classic english rom hack game known as Pokemon, then you must have heard of the game called ‘Pokemon cursed black.’ Developed by Reidd Maxwell, this game is a remake of the original game released in 2015, and can be downloaded from a variety of sources, including a mirror if the original source isn’t working. Also, try Pokemon Indian Ruby

The game includes the ability Cursed Body, which has undergone multiple changes since its introduction in Generation III. In short, Cursed Body is a type of ability that makes the pokemon with it unable to faint from any damage. However, some of these shadow pokemon are cursed, and as a result, will do damage to your team even when they are captured.

With all these features and more, Pokemon cursed black is an adventure RPG that takes players on a journey to save their world from being consumed by darkness. You must have what it takes to complete this epic journey and save the world! Screenshots of the game are given below.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon Cursed Black


Pokemon Cursed Black is a remake of the original Pokemon Red and Green editions, released for the RPG Maker XP platform in 2015. It’s a game designed for anyone who loves role-playing games, and the gameplay is simple but engaging. You can choose a fourth type of Pokemon, Ghost, which starts at level 1 with the “Curse” attack move. This move increases the user’s Special Attack by two stages when it hits anything, making it an excellent choice for early-game battles in lavender tower. Also, try Pokemon Stone Dragon 2

Battles with other trainers often result in the opponent disappearing at the end of the battle, leaving behind a tombstone. This tombstone will also disappear if you use a Revive item on your opponent after they faint. If you’ve played Pokemon games before, you’ll know all of this stuff already, but it’s still worth checking out if you’re new to the series in lavender town.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Cursed Black

You can also download Pokemon Creepy Black from various sources online such as ROMHacks or EmulateOS, and there is a password round on the download page that will keep anyone from accessing it without permission. So if you’re a fan of the popular pocket monster game, be sure to check out this remake!

Battle system

Pokemon Cursed Black is a remake of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games, but with an additional fourth type of Pokemon, the ghost. The game features various other subtle differences from the original, such as a cursed black-and-white graphical style and the addition of a curse mechanic.

In addition to the ghost, there are also new types of Pokemon to battle with in this game: flying and fire types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, which must be taken into consideration when building a team for battle. The cursed black-and-white graphical style makes Pokémon appear more menacing and creepy than in other games. When using Ghost Pokemon in battle, the screen turns black and a pained scream can be heard from the defending Pokemon. This fear factor adds an extra layer of challenge to battling against these unique creatures. Also, try Pokemon Stone Dragon 

After beating the Elite Four and facing off against the final boss, players are transported to a post-apocalyptic world littered with tombstones, signifying a huge battle that has taken place. This is often viewed as a reward for completing all four gym leaders’ challenges and defeating their elite teams of Pokemon. Overall, Pokemon Cursed Black is an engaging take on one of gaming’s most popular franchises that offers challenging gameplay and engaging story lines.

Customization of characters

Cursed Black allows players to customize their characters with various features, including the ability to choose one Pokemon to accompany them throughout their journey. The game also includes abilities such as Cursed Body, which was introduced in Generation III of the series. In addition to this, Cursed Black includes the cursed body power of Gengar from the Pokémon Adventures X game in pallet town. Overall, Cursed Black gives players the ability to choose a Pokemon and customize its characteristics in order to make it unique and personalized.

Character development

Cursed Black, a remake of Pokemon X and Y by Reidd Maxwell, is a game that allows players to choose a fourth type of Pokemon, ghost. The ghost Pokemon in the game starts at level 1 with the move Curse, which causes the console screen to turn black and the opponent’s Pokemon to emit agonizing cries. Also, try Touhoumon Another World

After battles with trainers, the opponent disappears leaving a tombstone behind. Gengar, a character from the popular Pokemon series, is revealed to have the Ability Cursed Body in Cursed Black. This Character has the ability to nullify all attacks against it except for the move Curse. By playing this game, players learn more about the mysterious world of Pokemon and its diverse creatures.

Graphics and animations

Pokemon Cursed Black is a game that was developed by Reidd Maxwell and released in 2015. It has the player choose the fourth type of Pokemon, which is usually Ghost. During battle, the opponent would disappear after the battle, making it challenging to battle. Also, try Pokemon Altair & Sirius 

The Ghost Pokemon starts the game at level 1 with the attack move ‘Curse’, which will make the opponent automatically lose 10% of their health each turn. This game allows players to experience different aspects of Pokemon battles, from choosing a type of Pokemon to battling against other trainers. It is available for download with a password of ‘loxe44’, so anyone can enjoy this exciting game.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Cursed Black

Multiplayer features

Pokemon Cursed Black is a game that features multiple features. It is available for download on multiple platforms and has an accessible password. The game allows players to battle and trade with other players. Besides, it supports multiplayer gaming, allowing players to battle each other in different locations.

In addition, it features cheats for Pokemon Sword/Shield, Mystery Dungeon DX, Rumble Rush, Colosgeum, XD Gale of Darkness, FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Crystal, Gold, Silver, Stadium, Yellow, Red and Blue. Players can team up to complete puzzles and missions and challenge each other in the game. Overall, Pokemon Cursed Black is a great game that offers fun and engaging gameplay.

Special and Physical Split

Pokemon Cursed Black features a unique ability called Cursed Body. It is an Ability introduced in Generation V and can be found in the Gengar and Frillish Pokemon in the game. Cursed Body is a type of ability that protects a Pokemon from taking damage from one particular move. In Pokemon Cursed Black, the Ghost type is an available choice during the beginning of the game and allows players to pick their favorite ghost-type Pokemon to start with sprites.

This type of Pokemon starts the game at level 1 with only one attack move, curse, which curses any opponent it hits to greatly decrease their attack effectiveness for several turns. In addition, it can also be evolved into a much more powerful form, depending on the specific Pokemon chosen for evolution. Overall, Pokémon: cursed black offers players plenty of opportunities to challenge themselves and explore new kinds of play styles. Also, try Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS 

Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Cursed Black is a remake of the original Pokemon games released in Japan: Red and Green (Aka and Midori in the Land of the Rising Sun) by Reidd Maxwell. The game features a fourth type of Pokemon, Ghost, in addition to the other three types (Normal, Fighting, and Fire). Ghosts are unique in that they start at level 1 with a unique attack move, ‘curse’. When cursed in battle, the opponent disappears and leaves a tombstone behind. Players can download Pokemon Cursed Black from pastehere.info/start with the password: loxe44.

Pokemon Champion

Pokemon Cursed Black is a game developed with RPG Maker XP and includes a unique move called “Curse” that has a special effect on the opponent. The game also features a fourth type of Pokemon, Ghost, and level 1 Pokemon with this type can only use the Curse move. In the game, players take on the role of a young boy who sets out to defeat the vicious ghosts that haunt his town. They must battle against these ghosts using various monsters, including Gengar and Frillish. The Ghost in the game possesses a strange Ability known as Cursed Body which makes it incredibly difficult to damage or defeat. At the end of the game, the player battles Ghost, a unique and challenging opponent.


If you’re a fan of Pokemon and are looking for a hack that lets you play as the villain, we’ve got the hack for you. Cursed Black is an easy hack with simple gameplay mechanics that will keep you engaged throughout the journey. Download now and start playing as the villain in this hack. Happy pokémoning!

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