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Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA is an action-packed game set in the world of Pokemon. You play as Altair, a young boy who has just received a rare Pokemon, Sirius, as a gift from his grandfather. The two must work together to battle the evil organization known as Team Plasma and free the region of Johto from their grasp.

Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter many Pokémon and face off against tough opponents in battles that will push your skills to the limit. Use your wits and cunning to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge victorious!

Complete Overview of Pokemon Altair & Sirius

– Pokemon Altair & Sirius is a rom hack game based off of the popular Pokemon Emerald. It was created by the Pokemon Vega Team and translated to English by Dr. Akimbo. In this game, the player controls two pokemon that were originally in the Pokémon Emerald game – Altair and Sirius. Also, try Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS 

– The story follows a young trainer as they travel through different regions of the Hoenn region, collecting Meteoric pokemon and taking on special challenges. They must also take part in the League, which is where you compete with other trainers to become the pokemon champion.

Screenshot_3 Pokemon Altair & Sirius

– This pokemon are part of the original 151 pokemon in the main series of games. You can catch them in the wild or purchase them from stores. Their stats vary greatly depending on their species, but they have similar abilities and strengths. Altair and Sirius are great partners to have on your journey!


As the name suggests, Pokemon Altair & Sirius is a GBA romhack version of Pokemon Emerald by Pokemon Vega Team. The hack includes exclusive pokemon, as well as pokemon from other regions such as Sinnoh, Johto, and Kanto. The story of the game involves thwarting teams Black Hole and White Hole while collecting eight gym badges and taking on the Pokemon League. Players can expect differences between the two versions, such as exclusive pokemon. Also, try Pokemon Stadium ROM

In addition to altair and sirius, you get a choice of 10 unique pokemon to play with in your quest for victory. On top of that, there are three legendary pokémon—Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina—for you to face in battle.

The hack also includes special battles fought against some of the most powerful trainers and pokémon in altair & sirius. These encounters will test your team’s strength and stamina to the fullest. As you progress through altair & sirius’ story, you’ll unlock access to more pokémon and battles of different types, which should keep you entertained for quite some time.

Reusable TMs

Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA allows players to use reusable TMs in their Pokemon. By reusing TMs, players can teach their Pokemon new moves without having to rely on capturing them or using trainer skills. However, this hack features a variety of fakemon, including Hantama, Astignite, Serplant, and Lylapse. This hack also includes the fourth September 2020 update of Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA, which includes Meteoric Pokemon that can only be captured by using special methods. These special methods include using a Wi-Fi adapter or using an external storage device. Also, try Pokemon Paradox Platinum 

With Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA, players can choose from a variety of fakemon and customize their playthroughs. The hack also has multiple modes for both solo and multiplayer gameplay. Overall, this is a great hack for fans of the Pokemon altair and sirius gba series.

Forgettable HMs

The game Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA introduced a number of new HM moves, such as Cut, Flash, and Dive. These moves helped players progress in the game and made it more enjoyable. However, these moves were not essential to the main gameplay and were often easily forgotten about.

This can make them feel like “forgettable” HM moves. Unfortunately, the HM moves in this title are only compatible with the Plus versions of the game, making them less useful than they could be. While some fans may find them frustratingly unrewarding at times, the HM moves still exist in the game and provide some extra utility if needed. Also, try Pokemon Amnesia

EV/IV viewer

Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA is a version of Pokemon Emerald that focuses on providing additional content. The game features exclusive Meteoric Pokemon that cannot be obtained in the original game. Additionally, it unblocked, allowing it to be played on any device.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Altair & Sirius

The EV/IV viewer in this version of the game provides users with detailed information about their character’s stats and abilities. It also allows players to view their progress in the game and take screenshots, which can be helpful for documenting one’s progress. This version of Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA is a must-have for fans of the series looking for more content.

A fully new region, the Tohoak region

The Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA game has introduced a new region, the Tohoak region, to the Pokemon series. It features 181 new pokemon, 56 of which hail from newer generations and include a mix of iconic and obscure species. The 70 new moves in the game are also impressive and include 87 moves from newer generations. Also, try Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y

However, the post-game content of the game is pretty extensive, and includes various facilities such as a Battle Facility that allows players to test their Pokemon against one another in a friendly competition. Overall, this game is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Pokemon.

181 new Pokemon

Pokemon Altair & Sirius is a popular GBA hack that was updated in December of 2020, featuring 181 new species known as Meteoric Pokemon. In the game, players take on the role of a trainer and battle against other trainers in a quest to become the greatest champion. Also try Pokemon Yellow ROM 

They can download the game patched version from pastehere.info/start with password pxak45. Players can expect complete Emerald reskin with new Fakémon such as Hantama and Astignite, Serplant, and Lylapse. Overall, Pokemon Altair & Sirius is a great game for any fans of pokemon battling games or pokemon evolution games.

Rematches with almost all important trainers

Pokemon Altair & Sirius is a Game Boy Advance game based on the popular Pokemon series. It follows the adventures of several trainers as they search for eight legendary pokémon known as the pokedex pokémon. Players in this game can enjoy rematches with almost all important characters in the game. However, there are some pokemon that require special treatment. Also, try Pokemon Lunar Version

For example, some pokemon may only be able to be battled against another pokemon from the regular Altair/Sirius version of Pokemon. Other pokemon may only be fought against pokemon from the Minus versions of Pokemon, so it’s important to follow guide instructions and stay up-to-date with changes to keep things fair and interesting.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Altair & Sirius

While playing this game, it is recommended to avoid bringing pokemon from the minus versions to regular altair/sirius versions of pokemon. This will ensure that players are battling pokemon from the same version of Pokemon as intended by developer Niantic Labs. Overall, Pokemon Altair & Sirius is a great game for Pokémon fans who want to take their adventures further than ever before.

Trade evolutions changed

Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA was created by the Pokemon Vega Team and translated to English by Dr. Akimbo. The game features various versions of altair and sirius, all of which have been changed from their original forms in emerald. For instance, altair and sirius in pokemon altair gba can evolve via trade while altair, sirius, and pidgeotto cannot evolve at all in pokemon altair gba. Certain pokemon such as dusknoir, ampharos, scizor, and asphere-sirius are not compatible with regular altair/sirius versions of the game.

In order to thwart the like of Teams Black Hole and White Hole players must collect eight gym badges and take on the pokemon league. The game features numerous other features such as a battle simulator allowing players to test their skills against trainers from all over the region as well as a story mode that allows for extended playtime. Overall, this game is an excellent choice for any fans of pokemon who want to experience the classic version of altair and sirius from emerald in all its altered glory Also, try Pokemon Jasper ROM

Moves and abilities updated to gen 7

The Generation 7 of Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA includes 70 new moves and 87 moves from newer generations. These new moves allow for different strategies for battling and trading. For instance, some new moves make it possible to attack pokemon in a different way than before, such as with items or poison.

Some new moves even allow pokemon to be immune to status conditions or take less damage from certain types of attacks. Additionally, post-game content of this game includes a battle facility that allows you to rematch almost all important trainers in the game. This feature makes it easier to gain valuable experience and level up your pokémon efficiently. In total, the updated moves and abilities of Pokemon Altair & Sirius GBA provide great flexibility for battle and trading strategies, making it a fun game to play now and in the future.

New items

The new set of Pokemon known as ‘Meteoric Pokemon’ have appeared in Hoenn as a result of the Hoenn Catastrophe. These new species are more evolved than regular Altair and Sirius Pokemon, and players can use them to help catalog these new species and thwart Team Black Hole and White Hole in their quest to collect all 8 Gym Badges and take on the Pokemon League.

In addition to the Meteoric Pokemon, regular Altair and Sirius Pokemon also had their Link compatibility adjusted, including Dusknoir, Ampharos, Scizor, and Asphere-Sirius. Players are tasked with cataloging all of these new species in order to stop Team Black Hole and White Hole from collecting the Gym Badges.

Black/White Repel system

The Black/White Repel system is a feature exclusive to the GBA games of Pokemon Altair & Sirius. This system allows players to prevent random encounters with wild Pokemon by using a Black Repel to prevent low-leveled encounters and a White Repel to prevent high-leveled encounters. It works by using a certain amount of Repels, depending on the level of the player’s pokemon.

It is recommended not to bring pokemon from a minus version save file when linking up with regular altair & sirius as they are incompatible with the regular versions. The Black/White series is known for its challenging gameplay and overworld map and has become one of the most popular Pokemon series of all time.


Both of these games are utterly amazing. They feature a new region, new pokémon, and loads of trainer rematches. They also come with an extensive storyline, black/white repels, and an array of useful items. So download them right now and have some of the best pokémon gaming experiences of your life. Happy pokémoning!

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