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Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is a role-playing video game for the Game Boy Advance. It was released in 2004 and is the sequel to Pokemon Stone of Fire, which was released in 2003. The story follows a young boy named Ash Ketchum who travels with his partner Pikachu to collect various types of stones known as the Legendary Pokemon that have been frozen by the evil villainess, Groudon and Kyogre.

The gameplay in Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 consists primarily of exploring towns and dungeons and defeating wild Pokémon. Players can also collect items such as berries and poke balls as well as battle other Pokémon Trainers. As they progress through the game, players can battle Gym Leaders and champions in order to earn badges that help them win more difficult battles.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Stone Dragon 2

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is a popular GBA game that offers players a new twist on the classic Pokemon gameplay. Also, try Pokemon Stone Dragon 

You play as a Pokémon trainer who sets out on an epic journey to become the world’s greatest dragon master. The story begins when the player is given a stone dragon by a mysterious man, which awakens and follows him around. During the course of the game, players can Mega Evolve their pokemon using special items found in the game’s world. This allows them to obtain powerful new forms that can aid them during battles.

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As you travel around the world, you’ll battle other trainers and their teams in order to collect more powerful Pokémon and rank up your team. You can capture these Pokémon by using items or defeating them in battle, and you can also make use of the unique abilities they have to overcome obstacles in your way. Overall, Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is an exciting adventure for any gamer looking to experience something new and unique!


Pokémon Stone Dragon 2 is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red by Ricardo, which is available for download in Portuguese (PT-BR). The game is based on Pokemon Emerald and includes a Randomizer feature. Players can use the Randomizer tool to try out different story lines, missions, and areas to gain a deeper understanding of the game’s story. Players can also use the Randomize feature to create new characters and storylines using various templates. Also, try Touhoumon Another World

In addition to the story mode, players can also engage in online battles and engage in various other activities in Iko Town. These activities include battling opponents online, building and maintaining an Iko Town base camp, and participating in various events.

The game also features Mega Evolutions, allowing players to take their favorite characters to new heights with new abilities.

Screenshot_2 Pokemon Stone Dragon 2

Lastly, Pokémon Stone Dragon 2 is set in the Kohto region, where players must go on a quest to find answers about the titular character’s past. The game is an enjoyable remake of one of the best titles from the Pokémon series.

Character Customization

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 allows players to customize their character’s appearance, moves, and abilities. Players can choose from a variety of different types and levels of Pokemon to create the perfect hero for their story. The game also features various in-game items that can be used to teach new moves to the player’s Pokemon or level them up faster. Finally, the game features a “Pokemon Passport” which allows players to capture and battle wild Pokemon in the game. Also, try Pokemon Altair & Sirius 

The game has a rich character customization feature that allows players to choose a starter Pokemon with varying levels and types. This gives players the freedom to create the hero they have always wanted to play as. As with all games in the series, Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 allows players to collect, train, and battle with their favorite characters from the beloved anime.

Difficulty Modes

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red that is available for the GBA. It features various cheats such as rarecandy, master ball, and pause video feature. The game has Mega Evolutions which can be seen in the tenth part of the game Detonado. The difficulty modes of the game have not been specified in detail. Also, try Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS 

However, it is generally believed to have three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Besides, there are also different levels in each difficulty mode. This makes it possible to play the game at your own pace and still enjoy it even if you are not a seasoned player. If you’re looking for a good RPG game for your GBA, you should definitely try Pokemon Stone Dragon 2

The graphics have been improved

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 has been remade with improved graphics compared to the original Pokemon Fire Red. The game has been revamped with new features to both the Pokemon and the overworld. Particular attention has been paid to the graphical features of the game, such as the inclusion of in-game Mega Evolution. Also, try Pokemon Stadium ROM

The graphical enhancements of this remake were noted to be a highlight by reviewers, who praised its visual quality and high-detail visual effects. They also noted that the game featured a variety of Pokemon from different generations, making it a fun way for fans of all ages to enjoy. Overall, Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is a great way for fans of all ages to relive their favorite moments from the original game.

The Pokédex has been enhanced

Pokem Stone 2 features an enhanced Pokédex compared to its predecessor, offering a “Mega Evolução” feature that allows players to view the evolutionary stages of each Pokemon in the game. The game is based on Pokemon Emerald and features a full remake from Pokemon Fire Red, which means it offers a faithful recreation of the original gameplay. The updated full game was released on January 24, 2018, challenging players to conquer the world of Pokémon once more.

Screenshot_1 Pokemon Stone Dragon 2

Players can choose from a variety of characters to play as in Pokem Stone 2, each with their own unique backstory and abilities. The sequel also introduces new regions and locations to explore, as well as new Gym Leaders, Trainers, and Pokémon to catch and train. Overall, Pokem Stone 2 is an exciting adventure that will appeal to fans of the series looking for a new take on an old favorite. Also, try Pokemon Paradox Platinum 

Graphics and Animation

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 was created as a remake of Pokemon Fire Red, developed by Ricardo. The game was released in Português [PT-BR] and included full animation. It is a sequel to the original Pokemon Dragonstone version, based on the Pokemon Emerald game. The mega evolution feature in Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 allows certain pokemon to gain a substantial boost in power. The graphics of the game were designed to be more vibrant and colorful than previous games in the series. Overall, Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is a great game for fans of the Pokemon franchise looking for a new adventure.

Special and Physical Split

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 features a physical/special split between its two attacks. Fly, the physical attack, does 40 damage to any beached Pokemon in the game, while Iron Scales, the special attack, is also available. The game’s remake is based on Pokemon Fire Red and features various gameplay enhancements and new characters. In Pokemon Stone Dragon 2, players can train and battle their Pokemon using various methods such as battling, training, and viewing stats.

In addition to its physical and special attack options, Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 also has a unique evolution feature that allows players to evolve their Pokemon before using them in battle. The game was released on the Game Boy Advance platform in 2017 and can be played on Android and iOS devices as well. Also, try Pokemon Amnesia

Legendary Pokemon

Pokeman Stone 2 is a remake of Pokemon FireRed and includes the legendary pokemon, Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre. The game also includes a mega evolution feature that allows players to evolve their pokemon to a higher form. The mega evolution feature adds an extra level of strategy to the game as it allows players to decide which pokemon they would like to mega evolve and which pokemon will mega evolve first.

The mega evolution feature in Pokeman Stone 2 also comes with some added bonuses. When players mega evolve their pokemon, they receive special bonuses such as increased attack and defense stats or an additional move depending on the type of mega evolution chosen. Additionally, mega evolving a pokemon also gives them access to new moves and abilities that they would not normally have access to.

Pokeman Stone 2 offers players plenty of options when it comes to how they play the game. It features a wide range of different storylines that can be played out in any order, free day and night system, and various battle formats that allow for diverse gameplay experiences. Players can also choose from multiple difficulty settings to tailor the game’s difficulty level to their personal preferences. Overall, Pokeman Stone 2 offers an engaging and exciting experience that will keep fans coming back for more

Pokemon Champion

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is an amazing game that offers a ton of fun and adventure for fans of the Pokemon franchise. It is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red, and it takes players on a journey to become the Pokemon Champion. In this game, the player will face many difficult challenges, and they must work hard to overcome them. The game contains a Mega Evolução feature that allows players to upgrade their Pokemon using special stones. Overall, Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is an engaging and captivating game that any fan of the Pokemon series must try.

Gym Leaders

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red and features various Gym Leaders, including those specialized in fighting against the dragon type. The game also has the ability to battle these Gym Leaders in Sky Battles, which can be challenging due to their powerful attacks. Also, try Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y

Pokemon Stone Dragon 2 also has Mega Evolution, allowing players to battle powerful new forms of the popular species. Moreover, the game offers battle against Gym Leaders from Portugal and Russia, allowing players to challenge them in different climates and locations around the globe. Whether you’re capturing the region’s unique pokemon or conquering the gym leaders in Pokemon Stone Dragon 2, this game is sure to provide you with hours of excitement and adventure.


Pokemon Stone Dragon is a game that can be easily completed in a day. However, if you are looking for a game that requires more strategy and planning to win, this is one for you to try. The game is user-friendly and intuitive with an easy interface. It has been designed from the ground up with smartphones in mind so the experience is seamless and enjoyable. If you’re looking for an RPG game that can be played on the go, download Pokemon Stone Dragon now. Who knows? You might just win against your friends too!

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