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Touhoumon Another World is a ROM hack of the English version of Pokemon FireRed created by AichiyaSANAE in 2010. The game replaces all 386 Pokemon present in the game with various Touhou characters, which are called “Boneka.”

In case you’re wondering what the heck touhoumon is all about, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll be talking about the features of this game in depth in this blog post. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Complete Overview of Touhoumon Another World

Touhoumon is a hack of the popular role playing game, Pokémon. Like most hack games, it’s a single player game. The objective of a hack is to take a base game and alter it to be a new experience. In a hack, you don’t have to worry about leveling up your characters or grinding for moves. Everything you do in the game can have an effect on gameplay and world building. Also, try Pokemon Altair & Sirius 

The Boneka in the game are based on various characters from the Touhou Project, a series of music games developed by Japanese artist ZUN. You will explore various locations in Gensokyo and battle against various monsters to progress through the story.

Screenshot_3 Touhoumon Another World

In terms of gameplay mechanics, you’ll be using boneka to fight against your opponents and take them down using boneka evolution. You can use boneka to capture other boneka by using a boneka net or a boneka ball. There are various boneka you can capture, such as Hakurei Reimu, Kogasa Tatara, and Mao-En Enya.


AichiyaSANAE’s Touhoumon Another World is a ROM hack of the English version of Pokemon FireRed created by AichiyaSANAE in 2010. It replaces all 386 Pokemon with the characters from the Touhou Project, a popular Japanese video game series. The Boneka are called “characters” in this game and are distinguished by their unique designs and attributes.

The game also features newly introduced characters, such as Kasen Ibara (a boy with a goatee) and Rin Satsuki (a girl with a pixie cut). They play important roles in the plot of the game and are determined to save the world from destruction. Also, try Pokemon Stadium 2 NDS 

Apart from these characters, you can also choose one of 12 different Boneka to immerse yourself in the world of Touhoumon Another World. The gameplay of this rom hack is similar to that of other Pokemon games. You will collect Poke ame on your journey and battle against opponents using Boneka you have trained.

The battle system

In Touhoumon Another World, you play as a character who has been sent to another world by a mysterious woman. Your goal is to explore the world and defeat the powerful monsters that live there. To battle these monsters, you must use your computerized battle system to aim and fire shots at them.

You can also use items you find in the world to help you fight. The game features a variety of different environments and challenges that will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re a fan of the Touhou series, then you’ll definitely enjoy playing this game. Also, try Pokemon Stadium ROM

The Item System

Touhoumon Another World is a ROM hack of the English version of Pokemon FireRed, released in 2010. The game replaces all 386 pokémon with various touhou characters called boneka. Instead of battling against pokémon and training them to battle, in Touhoumon Another World players battle boss pokémon in the Nitori Forest and at the bridge of gensokyo. Additionally, players can consume items and view artwork without playing the game.

Touhoumon Another world is a great choice for those who want to experience touhou but don’t want to spend a lot of time battling against pokémon. Players can easily view artwork or consume items from inside the game without having to play through it from beginning to end. It is a truly unique pokemon rom hack that offers a different take on a classic series Also, try Pokemon Paradox Platinum 

The Immortality System

Touhoumon: Another World is a role-playing game based on the popular manga and anime series of the same name. The game features characters from the series who have been transferred to a parallel world called Gensokyo. Players explore a world full of various locations, battle against a variety of enemy characters, and collect items to try to return these characters to their home world.Screenshot_2 Touhoumon Another World

Touhoumon: Another World is a challenging adventure perfect for fans of the series, as it offers a unique take on all of the characters’ beloved storylines and characters. Whether you’re new to the Touhou universe or a longtime fan, this game has something for everyone. Also, try Pokemon Amnesia

Trade evolutions changed

Touhoumon Another World has a wide range of evolutions and trade-based functionality that allow players to explore new strategies and tactics. One of the most notable changes is the evolution system, which changed the way the game was played. Previously, in the classic version of Touhoumon, you had a single team with a limited number of characters to use in battle.

But in Another World, you can have a variety of teams that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you must carefully choose your characters’ evolutions to optimize their abilities for a given mission. You can also make use of items to help you in battles, such as the Orichalcum Hammer and Sacred Sword. These items provide unique stat bonuses to help you overcome various challenges.

Furthermore, another major change is the update to graphics and music; both have been improved significantly from the original game. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting out, there’s plenty of new content to explore in Touhoumon Another World.

Moves and abilities updated to gen 7

Touhoumon has updated its moveset to Gen 7, which includes five new moves: Shadow Ball, Body Slam, Sludge Bomb, Earthquake, and Hyper Beam. These moves can be learned by level-up and join the moveset from Gen 1, which includes Psyshock, Psycho Boost, Energy Ball, Thunder Wave, Toxic, and Flamethrower.

Shadow Ball is a Ghost-type move that targets the foe and has a chance to lower its special defense. Body Slam is a Normal-type move that deals physical damage and may paralyze the target. Sludge Bomb is a Poison-type move that attacks the target with a poisonous sludge. Earthquake is an Ground-type move that attacks the target with a powerful earthquake. Hyper Beam is a Special-type move that deals massive physical damage to the target. Also, try Pokemon Meta FireRed X & Y

Touhoumon excels at taking on diverse challenges thanks to its diverse moves and abilities. With this update, it continues to evolve into a strong fighting force capable of taking on any challenge.

New items

Touhoumon Another World is a ROM hack of the English version of Pokemon FireRed. The game includes characters from recent Touhou games such as Undefined Fantastic Object, Double Spoiler, Hisoutensoku and Fairy Wars. Some of the new characters include Marisa Kirisame, Flandre Scarlet, Alice Margatroid, Youmu Konpaku, Cirno, Sanae Kochiya, and Reimu Hakurei. Players are given an iDollDex to use various skills and challenges in the game.

Screenshot_1 Touhoumon Another World

Touhoumon Another world has a variety of features that make it a fun and challenging game for touhou fans.

Black/White Repel system

The Black/White Repel system is a feature that allows you to battle against other touhoumon in Another World. When you are defeated in a battle, your touhoumon will be sent back to the underground. However, if another touhoumon is detected nearby, they will be summoned into battle and fight alongside you until you defeat them. This system ensures that players always have a chance of defeating their opponent and recovering their touhoumon safely. Also try Pokemon Yellow ROM 

The Black/White Repel system is a crucial part of the game that must not be overlooked, as it makes it possible to progress through the story without being permanently defeated or losing all of your touhoumon.

Double wild battles

Double wild battles are a unique feature of Touhoumon Another World that makes for a challenging and strategic gameplay experience. In these battles, two characters battle it out simultaneously in a 2D space, giving the player multiple options for attack and defense. Double wild battles also give players a way to increase their level cap, since they allow characters to reach higher levels than normal.

Double wild battles are a great way to increase the player’s level cap and to provide more opportunities for character customization. They offer a significant strategic edge over single-character battles and can greatly improve the player’s chances of defeating tougher monsters. Overall, double wild battles are a must-have feature of any touhou game that seeks to provide an engaging and challenging gameplay experience.

Reusable TMs

Touhoumon Another World is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) game that features a wide variety of Reusable Technical Machines (TMs). These TMs can be used multiple times during the game to power up your party members, learn new moves, and even evolve certain Pokémon. This makes Touhoumon Another World a challenging and unique game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Also, try Pokemon Lunar Version

The game also features an in-game downloader, allowing you to instantly start playing from your computer or mobile device without having to download the entire game over a slow network connection. Moreover, the game has been praised for its unique and challenging gameplay. If you love Pokemon and other traditional RPG titles, then you must give this one a try.


Touhoumon Another World is a hack of the original game that reimagines it with new mechanics and features. It is a hack you can try out for yourself if you are a fan of the Touhou series or hack games in general. It’s a hack that reimagines many aspects of the original game, from the story to gameplay to world building and more. You can play this hack on your device and change its world accordingly to your liking. Download it here!

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