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Pokemon Fakemon FireRed is a remake of Pokemon Fire Red by Pekin for GBA. There are many different species of Pokemon, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics. One of the most popular species is the fire type, which includes Pokemon like Blaziken and Flareon.

Many fans love to create their own custom Pokemon by breeding two of their favorite ones together. These custom breeds are called “fakemon” (short for “fake monster”). They may look slightly different from the classic Pokemon, but they’re still exciting to collect and train.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Fakemon FireRed GBA

Pokemon fakemon firered is a ROM hack of pokemon fire red released for the gba. The game contains 252 original fakemon, 19 mega evolution forms, and the removal of all legitimate pocket monsters. The fakemon firered is a remake of fire red by pekin for the gba. It has the same story of fire red but with various changes such as new moves, abilities, and mega evolution forms. Also, try Pokemon Tower Defense 3

The game also offers tutorials on how to patch the game files on PokéCommunity. These tutorials are an excellent resource for new players to learn about the game and its features. They can also help them get started with fakemon firered easily and efficiently.Screenshot_3 Pokemon Fakemon FireRed


– Pokemon Fakemon FireRed GBA is a ROM hack based on the popular game Pokemon firered. It introduces original fakemon as well as 19 mega evolutions, cheats to add more excitement to the game, and many other features.

– One of the unique features of this hack is the ability to use fakemon with abilities not normally available. This allows for an immense amount of customization and opens up new doors for creating unique fakemon.

Create a Custom Team

Pokemon Fakemon FireRed GBA is a fan-made game developed by Koolboyman. It features 8 gyms, the Elite Four, and the Champion, along with 252 original fakemon and 19 mega evolutions. To battle other trainers, players must increase their fakemon’s experience and level up. Also, try Pokemon Tower Defense 2 

Side quests are also available to complete, which can reward players with rewards. The game is highly detailed and includes characters and locations from the Kanto region. All legitimate Pokemon have been removed from the game to make it more engaging for fans of the franchise.

Trade Pokemon with Friends

Pokemon FireRed GBA lets you trade Pokemon with friends using a wireless connection. It also includes battle functionality, so you can battle your friends in head-to-head contests. The game includes more than 150 different Pokemon, including some rare and unique variants. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, then you won’t want to miss out on the action of playing this game on your Nintendo device. Whether you’re looking for a new way to play or simply exploring the game’s features, Pokemon FireRed GBA is sure to have something for everyone.

Unlock Special Moves and Abilities

Pokemon fakemon firered gba features 252 original fakemon, plus 19 mega-evolutions. With over 500 evolution options, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. In firered gba, you can battle other trainers and increase fakemon experience to level up. Additional features include cheats that unlock special moves and abilities. It also features all 8 gyms, as well as the elite four and champion. To top it all off, side quests are available to earn rewards. If you’re a Pokemon fan looking for an engaging game to play on your phone or tablet, download firered gba today! Also, try Pokemon Tower Defense APK 

Collect Rare Items

In Pokemon fakemon firered GBA, you will be tasked with completing various side quests to gain extra rewards and collect rare items. These missions can be completed by battling other trainers or exploring the region with your fakemon. You will want to progress through the game carefully, as each mission has a special requirement that must be met before you can receive the reward. If you are successful in completing all of these tasks, you will be able to collect rare items such as berries, evolution stones, and more.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Fakemon FireRed

You can also use these items to help evolve your fakemon into stronger forms – either permanently or temporarily – or save them from certain death. Ultimately, it is essential that you continue to explore new areas and battle new trainers to level up your fakemon and complete all the missions assigned to you in Pokemon fakemon firered GBA. Also, try Pokemon Blazing Red

Battle Wild and Trainer Pokemon

Poke fakemon firered gba is a game that gives players the opportunity to battle wild and trainer fakemon. The game has 8 gyms, elite four, and champion to battle against. It also includes popular and beloved Pokemon characters such as Charizard, Blastoise, and Pikachu. There are side quests available to earn rewards and increase the experience of the game.

Explore the Region of Kanto

Fakemon FireRed GBA is a game based on the original FireRed version, which was released for the Nintendo GBA console. fakemon FireRed GBA allows players to explore the Kanto region with their favorite fakemon. The game includes 8 gyms, the Elite Four and Champion, and side quests to complete.

Catch and Train Pokemon

Catch and train Pokemon in this exciting new game for the FireRed GBA system. Your goal is to collect all 151 Pokemon and build your own team of powerful creatures. You can battle other trainers in a variety of ways, including head-to-head combat or online multiplayer battles. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, such as fishing, battling in the gym, and more. If you enjoy playing games on your GBA system, be sure to take advantage of the wide range of options available to you.

Become a Trainer

It’s time to become a trainer and experience the Kanto region with your favorite fakemon in Pokemon FireRed GBA. Whether you are new to the game or an expert, this hack will offer many hours of fun as you capture, train, and battle fakemon in search of rare ones. There is plenty of content to keep you busy as you explore the region and battle against other trainers to increase fakemon experience and level up. Also, try Pokemon Dreary 

In addition to battling fakemon, there are also side quests that you can take part in to earn rewards. You can even check out the full list of hack ROMs if you are looking for more fakemon to add to your team. Overall, Pokemon FireRed GBA is a great choice for anyone who loves fakemon and wants to experience the Kanto region from a new angle.


The Day/Night system in the Pokemon Fakemon FireRed GBA ROM cycles between day and night. This feature has different impacts on the game, such as changing the Fakemon encountered during play. Day and night have different effects on the fakemon, with day having a special status of its own. The fakemon are more powerful and resistant during the day, while they are weaker and easier to defeat at night. Besides, fakemon in firered have a Special split, with special moves favoring special stats and attacks favoring physical stats.

The game also features Fairy-type, Cosmic-type, and Digital-type moves that have distinct effects on fakemon based on their types. For example, fairy fakemon have special abilities that range from healing to defending against special moves. Additionally, firered includes new items such as poké balls that help capture fakemon easily, evolution methods such as mega evolution. Overall, the firered fakemon game has a lot to offer in terms of variety and customization options.

Customize character

The game of Pokemon Fakemon FireRed GBA allows players to customize their character with the addition of 252 original Fakemon, as well as 19 Mega Evolutions. Trainers can battle other trainers to increase their fakemon’s experience and level up, with the goal of achieving a high enough level to fully evolve them. Additionally, there are several side quests available for players to complete in order to earn rewards.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Fakemon FireRed

The game features 8 gyms, Elite Four, and Champion and allows players to explore the Kanto region with their favorite fakemon. Overall, Pokemon Fakemon FireRed GBA is a fun game for any Pokemon fan looking to challenge themselves or just spend some time away from the screen.

Gym Leaders

Fakemon Firered is a game that allows players to battle all 8 gym leaders featured in the game, as well as the Elite Four and Champion. It also features side quests and rewards for players to complete. fakemon firered features 252 original fakemon, as well as 19 mega evolutions. However, fakemon firered does not feature any legitimate pokemon, so players can create their own fakemon and train them up to level 100. Also, try Digimon World DS ROM

The game also offers various features that help players enjoy the experience of playing fakemon firered more fully. For example, fakemon firered allows players to customize their fakemon’s abilities and moves using special items. Additionally, fakemon firered allows players to increase their fakemon’s experience and level up by battling other trainers in the game. Overall, fakemon firered is a fun game that allows players to experience the fun of Pokemon without relying on the original games.


Pokemon fakemon firered gba takes the original game and adds new features, moves, and more to it. Some of the new features include the ability to trade, customize the character with items, and explore the region of kanto. The game is a great way to pass time and while it might not be the most realistic game out there, it is still a fun one. It’s an excellent download for people who love pokemon fakemon firered gba. Download now and start playing! Happy gaming!

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