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Pokemon Tower Defense 3 is a turn-based strategy game with a focus on the Pokemon series of video games. Players control a team of Pokemon and must defend their base from waves of attacking Pokemon.

The goal is to protect valuable resources, such as energy or money, while also defending against the attacking Pokemon. The game is played in turns, and each turn the player can choose how many Pokemon they want to send out to battle the enemies.

Complete Walkthrough of Pokemon Tower Defense 3

In Pokemon Tower Defense 3, you have to protect your tower from the waves of evil Pokemon. The game is played in real time, so you can move your characters around the battlefield to strategize your attacks. You can select from a variety of spells and abilities to use in your battles, including Fire, Steel, and Dragon. Also, try Pokemon Tower Defense 2 

You will also have to upgrade your tower as you progress through the game. Eventually, you will be able to access bonus abilities and upgrade your tower even more.

Hence, Pokemon Tower Defense 3 is a challenging game that will test your skills to the limit. However, with practice and dedication, you can master it and win the game!Screenshot_3 Pokemon Tower Defense 3


In the game, players can control the game with their mouse and use various types of Pokemon games within the game, such as Pokemon Tower Defense, Pokemon Tower Defense 2, and more.

The game was released in 2016 and is the last game of the sequel. Besides playing the game, players can also earn rewards by completing various tasks and purchasing items using Monetization options.

The enemy’s lineup

In Pokemon Tower Defense 3, the player takes the form of Professor Oak and faces off against Team Rocket. The game includes a variety of enemies, including Orcs, Stickmen, and Pokemon. The player’s goal is to become the new leader of Team Rocket and thus must face off against its members in battles. The game also includes Gym Leaders and other strong trainers who can be battled. As the game progresses, players will encounter more powerful enemies and gain new abilities to help them defeat them.

The player can battle the Gym Leaders and other strong trainers in the game to level up their character and earn experience points. There are several different missions for players to complete, each with its own unique goals and villainous team to defeat. Overall, Pokemon Tower Defense 3 offers an exciting challenge for players looking for a real-time strategy game with plenty of action and intrigue. Also, try Pokemon Tower Defense APK 

Strategy and tactics

Pokemon Tower Defense 3 is a game where players must strategically place their Pokemon to defend against incoming enemies. The game features several other Pokemon-themed games that are all interconnected, so players can progress through the series. One of the main features of Pokemon TD 3 is its control system, which allows players to use the mouse in order to place and move their Pokemon. This game series was released in 2016, making it the last in the series. As such, players must use their tactical skills to create a successful defense against their opponents.

In Pokemon Tower Defense 3, you must use your strategic abilities and learn about each character’s unique capabilities to win battles and save the tower from destruction. This game requires a lot of patience and skill as you must carefully plan your moves and ensure that your Pokemon are placed correctly. If you’re looking for a challenging and engaging game with lots of replay value, this one is for you.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Tower Defense 3

Capture the enemy Pokemon

It has capture the enemy Pokemon feature. In Pokemon tower defense 3, you can capture the enemy Pokemon with the help of various tools and skills. You can use various tools like pokeballs and throwing Razz berries to capture the enemies. Additionally, there are some skills such as using an Ivysaur to poison enemies or using a Charizard to burn them. Also, try Pokemon Blazing Red

If you have captured in capture the enemy Pokemon in Pokemon tower defense 3 with the help of various tools and skills, you can watch a video walkthrough to learn more about it. Other tower defense games are similar to Pokemon tower defense 3, so if you enjoy this game, check out those titles as well!

Level up your team and bring them into battle

A game that allows you to take control of a team of Pokemon and battle against other trainers in an epic tower defense fashion gameplay. The game features a level-up system where you can train your Pokemon and evolve them into powerful forms, allowing you to customize your team with the best possible fighters. Additionally, you can upgrade your base and equip it with powerful defenses to prepare for any battle.

This game is playable using mouse controls, so whether you are playing on PC or mobile devices, there will be no need to adjust the game interface. Additionally, video walkthroughs provide players with a better understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategies. As such, it would be best if you took time to check out this amazing title before heading off to battle other trainers.

Classic Tower defense gameplay

A classic tower defense game that offers players a unique experience of battling against the forces of evil. The game involves placing various Pokemon at strategic points to destroy incoming enemies, thus saving the world from destruction. The game involves various levels and rewards that can be earned by the players, making it a challenging and rewarding experience. Also, try Pokemon Dreary 

In PWT3, different Pokemon have different abilities, allowing for more effective strategies against the enemy. Players can also customize their Pokemon to create their own unique play style. Overall, Pokemon Tower Defense 3 is a challenging and rewarding game that any fans of tower defense games must not miss out on!

Become a Trainer

The game has multiple features that make it stand out from other games in the genre, including the ability to explore a map with trees and patches of flat ground and dirt tracks. Additionally, players can follow Ash’s son Noah on his journey to become the new leader of Team Rocket in this game. Besides battling against enemies and collecting useful items, players can also upgrade their Pokemons to use in battles.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Tower Defense 3


This feature allows players to control the length of the day and night cycles, allowing for a more strategic experience. The game’s monetization system, WGPlayer AFG, is based on the Day/Night feature. Players can battle through the day and night cycles as they progress through the game. Also, try Digimon World DS ROM

Other tower defense and Pokemon games also feature day/night cycles, such as Green Island, Super Monster Run, Monster Squad Rush, Battle Island, and many more. These games allow players to be more strategic with their defense strategies and take advantage of the different advantages each has in different portions of the day and night.

Customize character

Players can customize their characters by selecting from a variety of Pokemon. With the game featuring four different chapters of gameplay and a nice storyline to follow, it’s sure to provide hours of fun for fans of the franchise. The game is available for download and regularly updated with new features and updates. It’s no wonder why it has become one of the most popular Pokemon games ever.

To help players customize their characters, there are plenty of resources online to assist them in doing so. Whether you’re looking for cheats, walkthroughs, or screenshots, there is plenty of useful content available for you to use when playing this game.

Gym Leaders

Gym Leaders are a key part of the Pokemon Tod defense 3 game. They represent the original Pokemon games and their corresponding type weaknesses. A Gym Leader can only be challenged once per tower, so players must work hard to defeat them and progress in the game. At the end of each tower, you will receive a reward based on your performance and progress in the game.

Gym Leaders also appear in the game’s story mode, which provides players with a more engaging experience. They often have unique moves and strategies that make defeating them challenging but rewarding. Overall, Gym Leaders are vital to the success of Pokemon Tower defense 3.

Unique and Complex Puzzles

It features a variety of unique and challenging puzzles that require players to think strategically and use problem-solving skills. The game comes with a range of game controls, such as the mouse, which allows players to interact with the puzzles. It also offers video walkthroughs that can help players with the puzzles if they get stuck or confused. Also, try Pokemon Eternal Snow

In addition to the puzzles, Pokemon Tower Defense 3 also has an extensive narrative that tells the story of a young girl who must save the Pokemon from an evil organization known as Team Rocket. This compelling narrative adds depth and character to the game. WGPlayer.com offers various monetization options for players to enjoy and profit from the game’s success.


Pokemon Tower Defense is a defense game that takes the basic tower defense gameplay and gives it an extra Pokemon twist. The game offers a lot of customization options to the players, including the characters they choose, their appearance, their attacks, and the Pokemon they use. You can also select the difficulty level you want to play on, the amount of money you want to spend each round, as well as the time of day you would like to play the game.

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