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Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is a game that’s all about defense. In this game, you take the role of the defense leader, who has to protect the tower from an onslaught of enemies. The tower has several floors and each level will have different threats. This game allows players to strategize and execute attacks on the go. It gives them a chance to bond with their favorite Pokémon and fight for their freedom against evil trainers.

While it may not give the same amount of strategy like some other defense games out there, it’s still worth a try if you want to play some simple defense games or just want to bond with your favorite Pokémon in unique ways. Whether you’re new to defense games or not, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get into the complete walkthrough of Pokémon Tower Defense 2

Complete Walkthrough of Pokémon Tower Defense 2

Pokémon Tower Defense 2 is a tower defense game developed by the popular gaming studio, BIG8GAMES. It’s a game for fans of the Pokemon franchise who love action-packed games. Also, try Pokemon Tower Defense APK 

It’s an easy game to play and can be accessed on any device such as a PC, iOS device, or even a console. The game features various Pokemon such as Pikachu, Eevee, and many more who support players in their defense missions.Screenshot_3 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Players are required to build various structures such as towers and walls to ward off the attacking Pokemons. The game features various challenging levels which require players to use strategy and smart thinking to overcome the odds and win.

Many gaming websites have walkthroughs of the game and provide detailed steps for players to follow for successful completion of the game. They also provide information on all types of resources that are essential in building structures efficiently and winning the game.


Pokemon tower defense 2 is a game that can be played online for free in full screen at KBH Games with no download or installation needed. The game is protected by privacy policies and terms of service and users must comply with these terms to play the game.

Users can access cheats through the control panel and these enhance the gaming experience. These cheats include item, money, and level hacks. These enhancements can help players win more easily. Users can also interact with each other through private messages and build a community around the game. Also, try Pokemon Blazing Red

There are also various challenges in the game that players can take up to earn extra coins and XP. The game is also protected by server anti-hack measures so it stays safe and secure for all players. In conclusion, Pokemon tower defense 2 is a great game for Pokemon fans to get involved in online.

The different Pokemon you can battle

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 offers players the chance to battle against a variety of Pokemon. The game offers over 200 different kinds, including iconic favorites like Pikachu and Eevee. You can capture these Pokemon and use them in your team. Additionally, the game features an online mode that allows you to battle against other players around the world for free.

This gives you the chance to test your skills against the best Pokemon trainers out there. Overall, Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is an engaging game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s easy to play and can bring a little joy into daily life.

Capture the enemy Pokemon

In Pokemon Tower Defense 2, players can capture enemy Pokemon by sending out their own Pokemon to battle them. To successfully capture an enemy Pokemon, you must make sure that it is at a low health before attempting to capture the Pokemon. Depending on the version of the game you are playing, the level required to successfully capture an enemy Pokemon may vary. Also, try Pokemon Dreary 

In some versions of the game, it may be necessary to capture enemy Pokemons with a certain type or at a specific level. You can use captured enemy pokemon to join your own combat unit or use them for battle. Overall, Pokemon Tower Defense 2 has lots of features that make it one of the best Pokemon games out there.

Level up your team and bring them into battle

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is a game in which players must take on the role of a defense coordinator and train their characters to defeat the invading armies of evil. To do this, they must level up their team by using points that they earn while playing the game. The control panel feature lets players track who is playing the game and whether there are any open slots available.Screenshot_2 Pokemon Tower Defense 2

Players can load the game in full screen mode without having to download or install any additional software, making it perfect for casual gamers looking for a quick and easy way to play the game. Besides, the in-game messages feature allows users to chat with each other in real time about the current battle or other topics. Overall, Pokemon Td 2 is a great game for any casual gamers looking for a fun way to pass the time and level up their characters.

Classic Tower defense gameplay

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is an online game that can be played for free in full screen mode at KBH Games without the need to download or install any software. The game has several features such as private message and account activation, which allows players to interact with one another. Besides, the game also has a chat function where players can share information about their progress. The game has both free and paid versions, which include various remixes and other features.

In addition to playing the game, players can also find their favorite things on Newgrounds such as music, movies, and games. Players can enjoy classic tower defense gameplay in Pokemon Tower Defense 2.

See Pokemon run free in the map

In Pokemon Tower Defense 2, you play the role of a defender tasked with defending your city from an onslaught of wild Pokemon. To do this, you must use your strategic skills to build towers and traps to hold back the Pokemon and prevent them from reaching your base. As the Pokemon swarm toward your city, you must use your attacks and special abilities to keep them at bay.

Pokemmon Tower Defense 2 is a challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It has some truly epic battles and challenging levels that will keep you engaged and wanting more. If you are a fan of the Pokemon franchise, this game is a must-have for your collection. Also, try Digimon World DS ROM

Level all the way to 100

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is a popular game with multiple versions and rippings. The version 1.0 of the game has a base game that can be played on its own, but there are also various remixes of the game that add new features and changes. One such remix is the Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Remix, which adds new gameplay elements and characters.

The main goal of the game is to defend against the enemies of the Pokemon universe. However, players must do so in a unique way – they must strategically place defense towers to attack and protect Pokemon creatures from harm. To level up and gain XP in the game, players must complete levels and other objectives. Game cheats may be available for players who want to level up faster or gain unlimited XP.  Output:

Mega Evolution

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 is an online game with a level cap of 100. It has various features that make it appealing for both casual and hardcore players. For instance, players can log in to access the game and use its trading features. Additionally, the game cleverly mixes RPG elements with tower defense, which results in a fun and engaging gameplay experience.

Additionally, the game enables players to use cheats and private messages to progress in the game quickly. Mega Evolution is another feature in the game that enables Pokemon to evolve beyond their normal forms. This allows trainers to train their favorite Pokemon to new heights.Screenshot_1 Pokemon Tower Defense 2


Z-moves are special moves in Pokemon Tower Defense 2 that can be used to increase the power of a Pokemon’s attack. Z-moves allow players to defeat difficult opponents and complete levels more quickly. They are often powerful and require careful consideration before use. In order to use a Z-move, players must go to the control panel and activate the account’s Z-move slot. Players can then select a Z-move from their collection and use it to defeat tough opponents or complete levels faster. Also, try Pokemon Eternal Snow

Players of Pokemon Tower Defense 2 can also battle against other players online using Z-moves. They can choose from a pool of various Z-move options to defeat their opponents. Additionally, computer-controlled opponents can be battled against using Z-moves, adding an extra dimension to the game. Overall, Z-moves add another layer of strategy and excitement to this popular defense game


Pokemon Tower Defense is an enjoyable tower defense game. It’s a tower defense game with Pokemon and the basic tower defense gameplay. If you love tower defense games, it’s a must try! This game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Download and start playing now!

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